5 tops tips for becoming VIP or general cabin crew,

September 4, 2015 in News for Candidates

 5 tops tips for becoming VIP or general cabin crew,

  1. Customer service

Having a background in customer service is one of the greatest attributes to have on your CV that immediately gets you that initial consideration. If this isn’t the case then try to highlight the customer facing portions of every role you have held.

  1. Professional photographs

These are really important as every VIP position or even regular cabin crew will require at least 1 portrait and 1 full length photo.  Getting these done gives you an immediate advantage as it shows that you have gone to the extra expense and it shows you at your best! Always remember to have your hair up and dressed as though you are cabin crew.

  1. Unique experience

A key thing that will stick in an employer’s mind, this is a very important factor to remember when you are asked the inevitable question ‘Can you tell me of a time that you had to deal with a difficult customer’ or any other question as it will set you apart from the hundreds of generic answers that they have heard before.

  1. Learn another language

This is an important skill which is a major contributing factor that clients look for as it showcases your flexibility, even if you are not fluent make an effort to show what languages you are learning.

  1. Volunteer work

This shows that you have skills outside from the role you are applying for and shows that you are capable of making the extra effort without personal gain while displaying your ability to organize yourself.

Finally SMILE 

This is not an official tip but try to smile! Whether it’s on the phone/skype or face to face because as silly as this sounds it helps you come across as open and friendly and even on the phone this works as trust me go ahead and try not to sound happy while smiling.


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