Q&A with Sam Sprules on AeroProfessional’s new look brand identity.

October 6, 2015 in News for Candidates, News for Clients

Q&A with Sam Sprules on AeroProfessional’s new look brand identity.

Sam Sprules, Director at AeroProfessional



Q: What prompted the re-brand?
A: After a decade in the business, AeroProfessional has grown not only in its client and candidate base, but also in its expertise and knowledge.  And, whilst we have been busy looking after clients and building our internal capability, our marketing was put on a back burner.

It’s our 10th anniversary next year, so now seemed an opportune time to stand back and review where we have been and where we are going for the next 10 years.

Q: What changes have you made?
A: The first step of our new mission of ‘Delivering high impact people strategies and resourcing solutions in aviation’ started with our office relocation to the FAB new offices at Farnborough Airport (pardon the pun) in April.

Since the office move our employee base has grown, with teams covering Europe, Asia and Africa.  In addition we have established our first marketing department whose job it is to help us shout about all the great things we can do for clients.

Q: What is different about AeroProfessional now?
A:   It was more of a realisation that, although we started out as a recruitment company placing pilots and cabin crew, our expertise of the aviation industry now spans way beyond the placement of candidates.

Our experience in areas such as understanding the skills availability in certain markets and the ability to benchmark roles means we can offer more insight to our clients.  The additional support we can offer when clients are planning their recruitment strategies will ensure more effective search and selection results, and ultimately a better value service.

Our engagement and compliance knowledge means we can offer expert advice to clients recruiting into complex markets and our Flight operations support services allow us to be truly flexible in supporting aircraft operators to achieve the precise level of service they need.

Q: What does the logo represent?

A: The logo design was a complex and interesting journey. It was important that we chose something that communicated the professionalism of our organisation, but also emphasises the energy of the team and our passion for aviation.

Whilst we have been doing all this great work over the years, we haven’t been doing enough to shout about it.  Our new look brand is our way of showing off all our areas of expertise.  Each arrow represents a specialist area and the formation of the arrows reflect the teamwork, expertise and responsiveness that we bring.

Q: Why do you claim to be ‘Aviation People Experts’?
A: The Directors alone have a combined 37 years’ experience in aviation recruitment.  Over the last 10 years at AeroProfessional, we have come across so many unique requests from starting new bases in Europe to hiring the Chief Executive of a major Asian airline.

Plus we have been working closely with global leading aviation brands such as Qantas, in this specific case exclusively managing their large scale cabin crew recruitment programmes from end to end leading to us achieving their prestigious preferred supplier award.

This is just one example of our success that makes us confident in calling ourselves the Aviation People Experts.

Q: What values drive the business and the team?
A: We have launched a revised set of brand values which guide our everyday business.

Building Relationships –Driving our business through developing collaborative client partnerships and growing our candidate network.

Being pro-activeBeing responsive and acting on insight for our clients and our business.

Delivering capability – Providing value to our clients and adapting to meet changing needs.

Always positive –Optimistic and innovative in our approach.  We will do everything we can to find a solution.

DedicatedOur passion for aviation drives our determination to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Q. What’s next for AeroProfessional?
A: We have identified six key areas of expertise that we believe sets us apart from our competitors.  We intend on spreading the word about these specialisms, so that airlines and aircraft operators think of AeroProfessional as their first choice partner for aviation people solutions.

Recruitment planning and strategy.
We can help clients much earlier in the recruitment process which can make the finding the right candidates so much easier. Sometimes when a client comes to us, they may have already decided who they want to recruit and when.  This limits the opportunities to investigate and explore their requirements and look at all the options to fulfil their needs. If we are brought into the process earlier, we are able to advise on options, alternatives and opportunities which could make the recruitment process ultimately cheaper and more successful.

Skills supply and availability
We have the ability to delve deep into specialist markets to uncover what resources are available and where.  If a client wants to benchmark a benefits package to ensure they will secure the best candidates or want to know where to find the best candidates, our research and advice can deliver this insight.

Sourcing and selection
Our experience goes way beyond placing individual candidates.  We are able to implement high-volume recruitment solutions. We can manage end-to-end large scale assessments, whether you need support for your in-house teams or want us to take care of the whole process from start to finish. And it isn’t just Pilot and Cabin Crew jobs we recruit for, from Airline Head Office to Airport operation roles, when it comes to aviation people – we can help!

Engagement and Compliance
The recruitment process doesn’t stop once you have found the right candidate.  We can help with pre-employment checks and airport ID provision.  Plus, our expertise in enabling compliance engagement and payroll has helped many global airlines ensure they fulfil the necessary requirements when recruiting in new territories.

Flight Operations Support
We want aircraft operators to think of us as their extended Flight Operations department.  Whether regular support is required or just a one off ferry flight, we can move any aircraft around the world whenever and wherever it is needed.

Bespoke Solutions
This is simply our way of explaining our ‘blank canvas’ approach.  Whatever the unique people issue or requirement, we are able to listen, develop and then implement a tailored solution to meet a specific need.

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