The trouble with recruitment companies…

March 22, 2016 in News for Candidates

The trouble with recruitment companies…

Job applicants often pour scorn on recruitment companies.  When you are looking for a new role you might spend hours online, sending off your CV to a variety of different agencies but hearing nothing in reply.  What are the recruitment consultants doing?  Twiddling their thumbs?   You feel frustrated.  You just want to hear whether your application has been successful.  It’s not too much to ask… or is it?

Unfortunately what many job-seekers don’t realise is, the reason they hear nothing from agencies is often their own fault.

The internet has made it so easy to apply for a job.  With a single quick click of your mouse, your CV along with a bland pre-populated cover letter lands in the inbox  of a recruitment consultant, who could already be inundated with applications for each role.  Within the space of 10 minutes, you could easily have applied for 8 or 10 different jobs, which may appear very efficient, but were you really just throwing your CV out there to see what sticks?

In those few minutes before applying for each role, did you read the detailed job requirements to ensure you meet the required criteria?  Did you take a moment to see exactly where the role was based and evaluate the cost and practicality of the commute?  Did the salary and job title take your fancy such that you clicked “apply” before actually reading what the job involved doing?  In all cases like this, your application still needs to be reviewed by the agency so that they can decide whether or not it can be moved forward to the next stage or rejected.

So the trouble with recruitment companies is often the impact that ‘click-happy’ applicants have on their finite time and resources.  If candidates only applied for jobs they truly believed they were suitable for, they might find that agencies had far more time to provide feedback and a more personalised service to successful AND unsuccessful job applicants.

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