4 tips to land the airline job you always wanted

April 19, 2016 in News for Candidates

4 tips to land the airline job you always wanted

You have seen the advert for the airline job you have been waiting for, but don’t rush in your application just yet.  It is important to remember that, whether applying direct to the airline or via an airline recruitment agency, you carefully manage your application from start to finish.

Here are a few tips from our airline recruitment experts to help you make a great impression and secure your dream airline job.

  1. The application stage

Review your CV.  Tailor your application to the specific job, highlighting your experience and strengths which match the requirements of the employer.

Take time to write a personalised cover letter, explain how you fit the job role they are looking to fill and why you want to work for the airline.

Before you send it, check it and then double check it, ensuring there are no spelling mistakes, make sure the formatting is neat and there are no gaps in your employment history.

  1. Correspondence

If you are contacted by the airline or the recruitment company, ensure you respond in a timely and professional manner.  A short, sharp email response or text speak will look like you don’t care about the opportunity.

  1. Interview

When you are called to interview, this is your chance to make a good impression. Get the basics right and you are off to a good start.

Being on time, dressing appropriately and having a confident handshake will help to ensure the interviewer considers you as a real contender for the job role.  Make sure your body language is positive, leaning forward and good eye contact will show you are genuinely interested in the airline’s position.

Do your research.  Don’t just read the company’s website.  Make sure you understand the aviation industry, the airline’s challenges and who their competitors are.  If you have been asked to prepare a presentation, do your homework.  Make sure the content is relevant to the task set, you have checked the grammar and spelling and it looks professional.

Ask relevant questions about the business.  You might ask about the objectives or plans for the business over the next 12 months or about the culture of the organisation.  This helps to show that you have a genuine interest in working for the airline.

  1. After the interview

As a courtesy (and to help remind them about you), send a brief follow up email to the interviewer thanking them for their time.  Having reflected on your interview, this is your chance to reiterate that you understand what they are looking for and remind them how you meet their needs.

If your interview has gone well and you have been successful, now is not the time to relax.  An airline recruiter wants to ensure you still want the job.  Some candidates delay their response to an offer whilst waiting for other job offers to come in and this will make an airline recruiter very uneasy.  An airline is within their right to retract a job offer if they think they are dealing with a time waster.  If they contact you with an offer, immediately acknowledge receipt and confirm you will read through their offer and respond within 1-2 days maximum.

If you are unsuccessful this time, be gracious about it and ask for feedback on your interview.  There may be another opportunity in the future to apply and you don’t want to damage any chances of applying again.

If you are looking for airline job, whether ground based or in the air, register your details with us at AeroProfessional and we can contact your when a suitable vacancy arises which matches your needs.


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