What does the aviation talent shortage mean for you?

May 11, 2016 in News for Candidates

What does the aviation talent shortage mean for you?

With insights from over 1600 global aviation professionals, our recent study in to the aviation jobs market has uncovered some interesting findings.  With the industry’s continued growth, the balance of power lies with the candidates rather than the employers.

Whilst many ab-initio pilots may argue against the notion of an aviation talent shortage, the industry has stated that it is suffering from a shortfall of suitably skilled pilots [1] and highlighted a lack of experienced airline and airport professionals, both in the sky and on the ground.

With applicants using an average of 18 sources when looking for a job [2] and taking just 76 seconds to read and consider a job description before deciding whether to apply [3], candidates are able to apply to a significant number of aviation jobs in a matter of minutes.

This influx of applications puts pressure on employers, making it time consuming to review, consider and filter CVs, let alone providing detailed feedback to the applicant as to why they weren’t successful.

Our survey discovered that 57% of respondents admitted that they applied for an aviation job knowing they didn’t meet the relevant qualifications or experience criteria set by the recruiter, so whilst the employer may receive an influx of applications, they may not be from suitable candidates.

Results from our Candidate Survey also show that over 70% of respondents have had more than one application on the table at the same time, with 34% confirming that they have rejected an aviation job after initially accepting it.

So what does this mean for you as a candidate?

Don’t apply for jobs which are unsuitable
Recruiters often suffer from a bad reputation of not providing feedback to candidates, however when you receive applications from a Nail Technician, Hospital Theatre Technician and a Slimming World Consultant for a Senior Ground Operations Controller role (yes, we really did!), it’s no wonder that an aviation recruitment agency or aviation HR department can’t provide detailed feedback to each and every applicant.

Ensure your CV shines
Amongst a sea of unsuitable candidates, you need to make sure your CV is up to scratch and professional.  Get someone else to read it and check it for typos.  Ensure you tailor your CV, matching your experience and skills to the aviation job you are applying for?

Know your non-negotiables
When the market is saturated with candidates and competition is fierce, you have to be more willing to compromise on salary and benefits.  However, in the current candidate-led market, aviation professionals focus on the non-tangibles to get their ideal role.  42% of respondents to our survey stated that work/life balance was their primary factor when choosing between multiple job offers.

Be clear on your wish list, what are the negotiables and non-negotiables for you when applying for roles?   You really should avoid rejecting a role after initially accepting it as you never know if you might want to reapply to the company again in the future.

Stay professional
Just because there is a shortage of aviation talent, it doesn’t mean that you will automatically get the job.  You still need to be professional, show that you are keen and do the aviation job seeking basics, such as research the company, turn up on time and smartly dressed.

To summarise, a candidate-led market is good news for aviation job seekers, but it still doesn’t mean finding your perfect job will be easy.

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Aviation Employers
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