FAQs - How aviation recruitment agencies work

June 24, 2016 in News for Clients

FAQs – How aviation recruitment agencies work


How much does it cost to use a specialist aviation recruitment agency?

This is one of the most common questions we hear from companies, and often professionals who haven’t used aviation recruitment agencies are pleasantly surprised at our response.

In most cases, the cost for us to search for candidates on your behalf is free. Once we find you a suitable candidate you want to appoint and that candidate commences employment with you, it is only then you are charged a fee. Some people think of this is as a ‘no win-no fee’ type of arrangement (or ‘no-find-no-fee’ as we like to call it!). If we can’t find you the right candidates, then you don’t pay us a penny.

There may be occasions when you are seeking someone who is particularly difficult to find and in these more complex cases we will undertake a more detailed and targeted search. In these circumstances there is likely to be a search fee which is pre-agreed in advance of any search being undertaken and which credits towards the overall agreed campaign fee.

For permanent job placement, the placement fee is “one off” and is typically calculated as a percentage of the successful candidate’s first year remuneration. For contract job placements, a regular fee is payable on top of the worker’s salary and employment costs (e.g. social security) for the duration of his or her assignment.

Fees for both permanent and temporary job placements can also vary depending on the number of positions you are looking to fill. Generally speaking, the more roles we can fill for you and the more exclusivity we have in filling them, the lower the fees will be.

Besides search and selection, what other services do you offer?

We can help at any stage of the aviation recruitment process. From developing a recruitment strategy based on insight and research, through to the sourcing and selection process,the engagement of your staff and complying with foreign payroll legislation. Our bespoke solutions mean that we can tailor our services to fit in with the needs of your operations. Whether it’s a tailored large scale recruitment campaigns or expatriate crew leasing, we can adapt to meet your needs.

We don’t only recruit for pilots and cabin crew, we can assist with the recruitment for most aviation-related roles, from airline head office and customer service to any airport operations personnel.

What is the process to appoint an agency?

Once you have decided on a reputable and experienced specialist agency, you will be asked to sign their terms and conditions. This document will outline the specific agreements between you and the agency, including confirmation of placements fees and the responsibilities of the agency and the employer towards each part of the relationship.

Once we are appointed, you will have a dedicated team managing your account and providing regular updates on the progress of your campaigns.

What are the benefits of working with a specialist aviation recruitment agency?


Sourcing candidates and filtering applications can be a time consuming process and if resourcing isn’t your only responsibility, it can be an unwelcome distraction. Similarly, interviewing candidates can take precious hours from your working week.  A specialist aviation recruitment company is skilled at separating the talent from the time wasters, from reviewing individual CVs to managing large-scale interview and assessment days.  Once you have briefed-in your needs to us, you can focus on your own priorities, whilst we are working hard to deliver your requirements.

Access to more candidates

Building relationships with candidates is a big part of what we do. Our extensive experience means we can reach out to our large network and quickly identify talent to match the needs of our clients.

Reduce risk

As experts in aviation people solutions we are fully informed on all facets of employment, tax regulations and employment law.  By using a specialist recruitment partner with global reach, you have access to a wealth of experience and expertise to reduce the risk of non-compliance and potentially hefty fines.


Specialist aviation recruitment agencies have instant access to candidates who are available at short notice meaning you can avoid disruptions to service because of lack of staff. Being able to dial up your resources as and when required will ensure consistent operations.

How long does it take to fill a vacancy?

Once the terms and conditions have been signed we will start work on your campaign immediately, searching through our existing networks and advertising on industry specific, vertical job boards where appropriate.

Depending on the role type, we usually expect to be able to send over a screened selection of candidates with 2-3 working days. We will continue to work on your vacancies until your chosen candidates arrive for day 1 of their employment and your vacancies are officially closed.

Do you just operate in the UK?

No. Whilst we are based in Farnborough in the UK, we operate globally, placing candidates in airlines and aviation companies around the world.  We have experience in placing candidates on every continent around the world (except Antarctica!).

Do you just place Pilots and Cabin crew for airlines?

Our roots stem from placing pilots and cabin crew, but over the last 10 years we have developed extensive experience in placing operational and managerial staff for airlines, airports and aviation companies. Our variety of roles have included Chief Executives, Ground Operations Controllers, Customer Service leaders and many more…

What factors should I consider when choosing a specialist aviation recruitment agency?


It is important to check the agency’s experience with various airlines and aviation companies. At AeroProfessional, we have worked with big name airlines like Qantas, Norwegian and EasyJet. Demand testimonials from potential recruitment partners and shy-away from firms who are slow to provide these.


Is the agency respected in their industry for their expert knowledge?  We undertake large scale research projects within the aviation market in order to publish practical insight papers to help support HR in the aviation industry.  We also provide expert commentary and resources in both the aviation and HR press.


Choosing a specialist agency means the team handing your vacancies will understand the requirements for the candidates, they will be able to support your search and guide you through the process.  This will result in a really positive onboarding experience for your new employees, reducing drop-outs and dramatically increasing the tenure of each new hire’s employment.


Membership of an independent professional body is a good way of identifying a professional agency.  The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) is the stamp of approval in the UK that the agency adheres to the strict rules and regulations required by the industry.  AeroProfessional is a proud member of the REC.



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