How a specialist aviation recruiter can revive your candidate pool

August 26, 2016 in News for Clients

How a specialist aviation recruiter can revive your candidate pool


A candidate pool is a group of known individuals who have expressed a desire, or appear likely, to welcome the opportunity to work for your organisation. It may comprise former applicants, social media connections or contacts from previous workplaces.

In all likelihood, your organisation will already have a candidate pool of some description, but is it fulfilling its true potential as a way of keeping your talent pipeline full? If your candidate pool isn’t being nurtured, and it simply comprises a file of old CVs, you may find it isn’t fit for purpose when your organisation urgently needs to fill lots of seasonal or unexpected vacancies.

A specialist aviation recruiter can help transform your existing candidate pool into a versatile talent acquisition resource which enables you to employ the highest calibre candidates when you need them.

How do you generate a responsive candidate pool?

To make sure your candidate pool is both current and responsive, your recruitment partner should:

  • Use specialist aviation industry knowledge to ensure your candidate pool is filled with highly qualified applicants that are suitable for positions within your organisation.
  • Assess candidates on a continual basis to ensure they are competent, keen and available.
  • Set a benchmark for the skills, qualifications and personality traits required for the typical roles within your organisation.
  • Proactively plan for seasonal peaks and troughs, so you can hire as needed without disruption.
  • Create a candidate pool large enough that it enables you to respond to unexpected internal or industry changes.
  • Proactively engage with prospective candidates on social media, especially LinkedIn.
  • Regularly monitor the aviation job market to take account of candidates joining/leaving the industry, or moving between competing companies.

Solving the pipeline problem

A successful candidate pool means you never need to worry that your talent pipeline may run dry.

When your candidate pool is proactively nurtured by a recruitment specialist, your in-house team are not required to spend time and resources re-checking and updating candidates’ credentials to make sure they are still willing and qualified to apply for vacancies.

In the aviation industry, securing the highest calibre candidates can have positive effects on safety, profitability and team cohesion. By adopting an open and communicative approach, your recruitment partner can open a persuasive dialogue with the top applicants and explain exactly what makes your organisation different.

A whole host of benefits come with utilising the knowledge of a specialist aviation recruiter. You can reduce costs, streamline processes and improve your operations by securing the best candidates on the market.

The most important benefit, however, is that your recruiter will proactively ensure that your candidate pipeline always stays full, so you can address any staffing needs without delay and scale up or down according to internal or industry requirements.

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