4 mistakes that guarantee your vacancy won't be filled

April 24, 2017 in News for Clients

4 mistakes that guarantee your vacancy won’t be filled


A vacancy can be costly for airlines and other aviation companies.

And, in the current climate, it’s getting harder and harder to keep positions filled with talented, motivated staff.

Make your life a little easier by avoiding these critical aviation hiring mistakes:

Avoid these recruitment mistakes if you want to fill that vacancy

These are four of the most common mistakes to avoid if you want to optimise aviation hiring and fill those vacancies before they become a drain on your aviation company:

1. Lack of focus

A lack of focus can fundamentally undermine aviation hiring.

If your hiring manager or recruitment team isn’t solely dedicated to hiring (or, if they don’t have the resources they need to carry out their role effectively), then you’ll only make the process more difficult.

If you’re not keeping an eye on competitors and don’t have everything in place to commence hiring immediately, the top applicants will soon go elsewhere.

Similarly, a lacklustre job ad or careers-orientated social media account will tell candidates everything they need to know about your mindset.

Make hiring a top priority. Your method should be dynamic, engaging, straightforward and consistently ready.

2. Disjointed hiring process

Disjointed aviation hiring processes can be a major turnoff for candidates.

Communication is at the heart of effective recruitment. Failing to provide sufficient information, or responding to candidates late, will quickly see them lose interest.

And, chances are that if your candidates aren’t having the experience they were hoping for, they will soon look elsewhere.

Your hiring policy should outline how candidates move through the process.

This means denoting key dates (commencement of interviews, final decision etc.), creating communications templates and nominating a key agency representative who will be available when needed as a point of contact for candidates.

3. Poor employer brand

In a digital age and industry as global as aviation, your online employer brand matters greatly.

If you don’t claim ownership of employer review sites (such as GlassDoor), or adequately respond to people who post, you may risk damaging your employer brand.

Similarly, a generic employer site or social media platform (using stock imagery and automated posts) will do little to spell out your employer credentials.

Help candidates understand what it feels like to work for your company by integrating the following into your hiring information:

  • Company values
  • Community and sustainability activities
  • Employee testimonials
  • Diversity and cultural information
  • Any industry awards for employee experience

4. Uncompetitive job offer

An uncompetitive job offer will make it appear as though you don’t properly value your staff.

Putting together a pay and perks package that’s notably less generous than competitors might make sense initially, but will only put off more candidates in the long run.

Opportunities for progression are becoming more important than ever – especially among millennials.

Failing to provide examples of staff who have progressed, or the systems that have enabled them to take the next step in their career, will severely limit your options on the job market.

Compile as generous a package as possible (it’s likely to save you in the long run) and put progression front and centre to make your job offer competitive.

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