The ingredients that make a top corporate and VIP aviation employee

May 4, 2017 in News for Clients

The ingredients that make a top corporate and VIP aviation employee


Only a corporate and VIP aviation (CVA) employee with specialist skills will do when it comes to private charter.

You need to make sure your workforce has the ability to make VIP passengers feel at home, as well as operating in an atypical system with fewer employees.

Here’s an introduction to the qualifications, experience and character traits you need in your ideal CVA employee:

Cabin crew

Cabin crew are on the front-line when it comes to CVA, and are expected to fulfil a much wider variety of roles than in the commercial sector.

As well as VIP hospitality, cabin crew are often responsible for things like cleaning and catering, or even security and first aid.

In terms of experience and qualifications, you should demand the following from CVA cabin crew:

  • Ability to speak specific languages
  • Customer service experience
  • Previous VIP experience (1st class experience may be acceptable)
  • Experience on a specific aircraft type
  • Flexibility and accommodating attitude towards work
  • Specific visas/rights to work in certain countries


Pilot roles in CVA are also distinctly different. You can expect them to carry out responsibilities, such as:

  • Organising aircraft maintenance
  • Loading luggage in a way that balances weight
  • Carrying out pre-flight engine, cargo, fuel, weather and scheduling checks
  • Meeting and greeting VIP passengers on arrival
  • Handling a variety of last-minute passenger requests

Most CVA providers look for candidates with a Commercial Pilots Licence and over 1,000 flight hours. You’ll also need to make sure candidates hold a type rating for the models of aircraft in your fleet.

Pilots are often required at short notice, so the ability to work flexibly is a must. This includes an adaptable approach to working hours. It also includes a driving licence to facilitate travel to the range of (often hard-to-reach) airports that accommodate private jets nearby.

Ground crew

In-flight staff couldn’t do their jobs without ground crew.

You need to find experienced staff with experience across a range of aircraft. Depending on your fleet, this may include VLJs, converted airliners, multi-engine piston aircraft and more.

As with pilots, they need to be able to travel at short notice. Diligence, teamworking skills and a commitment to safety are also desirable.

Head-office staff

Compared to commercial aviation, you need back-office staff who can do more with less.

They need to be efficient administrators and top-level customer service providers. Also, look for flexibility, and a working knowledge of things like:

  • PPS
  • Fly Ops
  • UK Flight Time Limitations Scheme

It can be a real headache getting a handle on all these requirements, especially when your hiring team is limited.

But, by calling on a specialist aviation recruiter like AeroProfessional, you can gain access to an international database of pre-vetted, industry-leading applicants and hire staff at exceptionally short notice.

This gives you a fully scalable and adaptable recruitment solution. We can take on the whole hiring process on your behalf, and help out with a host of other operational activities too.

Discover how AeroProfessional can help you find the calibre of CVA employee you need to keep your private charter clients coming back for more.


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