How 21st century technology is making corporate and VIP aviation more appealing

June 21, 2017 in News for Clients

How 21st century technology is making corporate and VIP aviation more appealing


New aviation trends and 21st century technology is making corporate and VIP aviation more appealing than ever before.

You can see this clearly in the industry’s rapid recovery from the financial crisis, which hit the sector harder than most forms of commercial aviation.

We explored this recovery in detail as part of our latest white paper: ‘Corporate and VIP Aviation is back: How will its return shape aviation recruitment?‘.

And, with this recovery has come an increasing need for recruits with a more diverse set of skills – primarily in the digital sphere.

Here, we’ll take a look at three of the most potent technologies and trends powering the sector’s resurgent growth:


Frequently referred to as “the Uber of private jets“, JetSmarter offers potential corporate and VIP aviation passengers something completely different.

The Florida-based company aims to make corporate and VIP aviation accessible beyond the pool of 150,000 that once comprised the whole industry.

Like Uber, it’s app-based. Users just register their details and use the app to pick their preferred route and aircraft type.

Customers can select a regular private charter flight, or take advantage of cheaper options. These include cheaper deals on empty seats, as well as ‘free’ places on empty leg flights.

Other companies – such as Surfair – have launched similar services, offering unlimited travel between a limited range of destinations for a set monthly fee.


JetSuiteX have come up with a novel new model that sits somewhere between corporate and VIP aviation and first-class travel.

The company operates a fleet of adapted Citation CJ3s, Embraer Phenom 100s and Embraer E135s. The latter have had six seats removed, giving passengers a 36-inch pitch (similar to that of most first-class areas).

Passengers are treated to free drinks, snacks and Wi-Fi on-board. But, crucially, JetSuiteX enables passengers to arrive at the airport only 15 minutes before their flight is scheduled to depart. This is done using an expedited security process – also a benefit for business people.

Booking takes place in much the same way as for JetSmarter, and the model typically reduces passenger costs from the thousands to the hundreds per flight.

Laptop ban

High-flying business moguls travelling for work often need to make the most of their time in the air.

The US and UK are currently operating a laptop ban for regular commercial airlines, barring devices larger than a smartphone from being carried in the cabin of flights from:

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Turkey
  • Lebanon
  • Jordan
  • Egypt
  • Tunisia

This makes it almost impossible for business people to make effective use of their time on long-haul flights.

In many cases, this trend might well be enough to persuade company bosses that it’s worth shelling out for corporate and VIP aviation.

The costs incurred could be covered, if not exceeded by the increased scope for productivity.

Corporate and VIP aviation is growing in all sorts of interesting new ways. But, with more demand for services comes more demand for staff – and, staff with a more diverse array of skills.

As you can see from these examples, many of the engines driving growth in the sector are based on new digital technologies. This is increasing aviation’s appetite for web and app developers, computer engineers and analysts among others.

Though not as glamourous as piloting a commercial airliner, the work they do behind the scenes is such that they could become the unsung heroes of aviation’s digital future.

But, at AeroProfessional, we’ve predicted how popular these types of skills were likely to be. We can help you find digitally-minded professionals with all the qualifications and experience needed to make a real difference to your airline.

Find the calibre of staff you need to look after VIP passengers and pilot your digital transformation with a little help from AeroProfessional.


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