Millennials vs seasoned professionals: transferable skills in aviation

September 8, 2017 in News for Clients

Millennials vs seasoned professionals: transferable skills in aviation

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Transferable skills in aviation are a prized asset.

However, the types of transferable skills employees are likely to possess are – to a certain extent – defined by their generation.

Here, we’ll look at some key transferable skills displayed by different generations and how you can combine them to create something greater than the sum of its parts.


Millennials – people who came of age during the early 21st century – have a different set of professional values and are especially adept at utilising technology. Their key skills include:

  • Problem-solving: Millennials are able to use multiple resources – search engines, spreadsheets, databases etc. to find answers fast.
  • Digital communications: Millennials grew up socialising on digital platforms. They understand what each platform does and the etiquette users are expected to follow.
  • Independence: Millennials are adaptable, utilise digital technology to learn fast and independently, and oversee projects with minimal need for assistance.
  • Outlook: Millennials are global in their outlook – largely thanks to the internet – and understand how to create technological solutions for the customers of today and tomorrow.

Experienced staff

Experienced staff from Generation X, or earlier, have spent time working without today’s technology, making them more proficient in offline processes. Their key skills include:

  • Life experience: Experienced staff have had more time to see the world and acquire a range of skills, giving them a broader perspective and making them relatively unflappable in difficult situations. As a generation, they are likely to have already made mistakes and learnt from them. This enable better judgement and decision making in work situations; a valuable asset for a business.
  • Face-to-face communications: Experienced staff are likely to have well-developed social skills in office and customer-facing environments – acquired in a pre-email/social media era.
  • Non-digital processes: Experienced staff are much more likely to be comfortable with paper-based processes, or at maintaining operations when digital systems go down.
  • Professionalism: Experienced staff are believed to show more loyalty to employers. This makes them more likely to be dedicated, punctual, attentive, and able to take greater pride in their work.

Creating a workplace that inspires skills sharing

By creating a multi-generational workforce, you can make the most of transferable skills in aviation, by combining the best characteristics from both age groups.

Here are some ideas for creating a cohesive multi-generational workforce:

  • Team building: Arrange team-building exercises that emphasise the key talents of both groups to help each generation better understand and appreciate the skills of the other.
  • Mentoring: Partner experienced staff with Millennials on specific projects, or day-to-day duties, to allow them to learn from one another and utilise each other’s skills.
  • Communications channels: Establish processes that ensure each generation’s voice is equally heard and create an info-sharing platform that accommodates their preferred communication methods.

Use these simple tips to strengthen your existing teams and make the most of transferable skills in aviation.

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