Outsourcing recruitment isn't just for large aviation companies...

September 22, 2017 in News for Clients

Outsourcing recruitment isn’t just for large aviation companies…


You might think that outsourcing recruitment is just for the big players, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

Here, we’ll take a closer look at why outsourcing recruitment is the ideal solution for aviation’s SMEs.

Why aviation companies use external recruitment partners?

Larger aviation companies usually have the available resources to implement a comprehensive recruitment strategy.

However, outsourcing recruitment can help them achieve cost savings and utilise their human resources more effectively.

Using an external recruitment partner also provides an additional level of specialist expertise and an insider knowledge of the labour market.

Aviation’s SMEs are less likely to have all the necessary resources to run an effective recruitment campaign themselves, so can unintentionally cut corners when flying solo.

A smaller staff base also means SMEs are less likely to have the knowledge and expertise needed to optimise their approach and source the best candidates in the desired timescales.

This could stifle competitiveness and ability to grow, as well as placing additional strain on their current staff members.

Ultimately, an external recruiter can help small and medium aviation companies save both time and money, as well as allowing them to hire high-calibre staff in the volume needed.

What are the benefits of outsourcing recruitment for SMEs?

These are just three of the key benefits that SMEs can look forward to when outsourcing recruitment:

1. Industry knowledge

A good external partner will immerse themselves in both recruitment and aviation industry practices, enabling them to make advantageous hiring decisions.

With a comprehensive knowledge of the industry, an external recruitment partner will consider a host of factors before advising on the best course of action, including:

This positions an external recruitment partner as a strategic asset, rather than a simple bolt-on service.

2. Scalable resources

Outsourcing recruitment means adopting a service that can be moulded around both your needs and existing resources.

You can choose a completely outsourced solution – where you provide targets which your partner works towards – or improve the processes and technology that you already have at your disposal.

This prevents you from forking out for services you’re hardly using when recruitment is slow. But, in the run up to peak season, you can quickly and conveniently scale up your recruitment activity to hire the number of staff you need.

This could range from an ad-hoc requirement to a high-volume campaign.

3. Professionally-managed process

An external recruitment partner will uphold the highest possible professional standards in terms of recruitment strategy and candidate communications.

A professional approach could be the deal-breaker that decides whether that candidate you’ve coveted chooses your aviation company over your competitors.

This will also help enhance your employer brand by encouraging positive online feedback relating to your recruitment processes – on social media, PPRuNE, or similar sites – is positive.

Outsourcing recruitment to a partner with an in-depth knowledge of the aviation industry can help you achieve more. Find your ideal partner and get the support you need to grow.

Call on the expert AeroProfessional team to conveniently outsource your aviation recruitment initiatives and achieve faster, more cost-effective hires.

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