Top 5 reasons an external recruitment partner can help you fly higher

October 31, 2017 in News for Clients

Top 5 reasons an external recruitment partner can help you fly higher

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Working with a specialist external recruitment partner can help you get more bang for your buck when it comes to your hiring processes.

Here, we’ll outline the top five reasons external support makes hiring aviation staff easier than going it alone.

Top 5 reasons to choose external recruitment partner

There are hundreds of reasons to choose an external recruitment partner, but these are our top five:

1) You’ll save time

As experts in aviation recruitment, AeroProfessional can rev up your recruitment process to jet speed.

We know precisely where to source the ideal candidate for every aviation role. When we find these star performers, we add them to a dedicated candidate pool that only contains available, pre-vetted staff.

This, combined with our ability to quickly scale up and meet your requirements, will save you a huge amount of valuable time.

2) You’ll save money

Not only will you save money by maintaining the staffing level you need to optimise your service, you’ll save on your overheads too.

With AeroProfessional, you only need call on our services as and when required, saving you from paying additional staff who aren’t needed year-round.

We can act as a bolt-on to your existing recruitment resources, or take on the entire process on your behalf. This gives you complete control over how much you spend and when.

Specialist aviation recruiters like AeroProfessional sign up to a host of job boards and advertising platforms on your behalf, saving you the expense of paying for multiple job board slots.

Not only will this save you money, it guarantees an experienced professional – who understands the best ways of maximising candidate attraction – will be in charge of the process throughout.

3) You’ll get better quality candidates

At AeroProfessional, we know exactly what it takes to be successful in all major aviation job roles.

Only the most qualified and motivated aviation staff make it onto our books. We also use our extensive resources to cast the net wider, scouring the entire job market to find the best active and passive candidates.

We create nurturing programmes and processes to keep up to date with candidates in the industry; their circumstances and expectations.

To be successful, a nurturing programme must include a range of factors – from welcome emails and newsletters, to blogs and interview tips. This ensures prospective candidates are both engaged and prepared.

We take this approach to give you confidence that the quality of aviation staff we provide will be consistently high.

4) You’ll only receive eligible candidates

Aviation is among the most tightly-regulated industries. Our comprehensive knowledge of aviation employment criteria guarantees all candidates you receive will be eligible to start work immediately.

We take the time to provide our recruiters with the initial and ongoing training required to ensure they’re up to speed on everything from type ratings and licenses to qualifications, and visas.

This prevents you wasting time on ineligible candidates and removes the need to conduct extensive checks yourself.

5) You can forget about complex ID requirements

Airports and other aviation company premises all have different requirements in terms of security clearance and access control. And, in this industry, the security stakes couldn’t be much higher.

We work in tandem with our sister company, IDGateway, to solve this dilemma. Our contractors come with an airport ID. And, our team has signatory status at London Heathrow, London Gatwick and London Stansted, allowing us to obtain ID passes for our employees.

Whether you have an employee on a summer-contract or a longer-term assignment, our team will use its airport ID management experience to ensure your needs are met. We can also provide clear instructions on how to satisfy various ID requirements.

Even if your operation is based at another UK airport, we will apply to join the relevant airport ID scheme.

For these reasons and so many more, an external recruitment partner can help your company fly higher.

Gain access to the resources and expertise you need to optimise your recruitment strategy by calling on the experts at AeroProfessional.

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