5 top tips for acing team interviews in aviation

June 25, 2018 in News for Candidates

5 top tips for acing team interviews in aviation

Team interviews in aviation - team round a table problem solving

Team interviews in aviation can be daunting, but they’re a great opportunity to show off your knowledge and skills.

Based on our extensive experience of securing top aviation talent for leading aviation employers, we’ve compiled this handy list of tips to help you ace team interviews in aviation.

Enhance your performance at team interviews in aviation with these handy tips

Here are our five top tips for impressing prospective employers at team interviews:

1) Make a good first impression

Employers consider first impressions as the second most important factor when selecting a candidate. They’ll also make their mind up about you within just seven minutes.

Make the best possible first impression by:

  • Arriving on time
  • Preparing for the interview/researching the company
  • Making sure your appearance is on point
  • Leveraging body language – with eye contact and a strong handshake
  • Being comfortable with small talk

2) Take responsibility, but be a team player

You’ll probably be set a task or exercise to complete as part of your team interview.

Here, your prospective employer will look for you to demonstrate teamwork and problem-solving skills, but also leadership and initiative.

Don’t be afraid to take the lead in your group. However, also recognise when other group members have more relevant experience or a better vision.

The key is to show how you can function effectively as part of a team that delegates responsibilities and achieves the desired results.

3) Divide attention between group members

Whether you decide to take the lead or not, make sure you divide your attention among group members (and, your prospective employer):

  • Keep an eye on your interviewer and ask questions about the task if you aren’t sure about something
  • Make sure your team leader is forthcoming with information and instructions
  • Confirm the instructions you’ve been given and be clear about the action you’ll take
  • Proactively communicate with team members performing other related tasks

4) Demonstrate being calm under pressure

Staying calm under pressure is an absolutely crucial quality for working in aviation.

Your interviewer will look to apply pressure in all sorts of ways: the complexity of the task, the teamwork requirement, time constraints etc.

Make sure you maintain a calm, focused and considered approach throughout. Remember, this will be evident both through your body language and the actions you decide to take.

5) Relax and be yourself

Ultimately, if you’re not right for a role, you’re unlikely to be selected.

Remember that you got to this stage based on merit. You’ve already demonstrated enough understanding or experience to be given a shot.

Having the jitters never impresses and will impede the decision-making process. So, when the time comes, just try to relax and be yourself. This will help keep you calm and show you in the best possible light.

Give yourself the best possible chance of landing that dream job by using these tips to smash team interviews in aviation.

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