6 critical mistakes to check for before submitting aviation job applications

Avoid these critical mistakes in aviation job applications and maximise your chances of success by partnering with the expert team at AeroProfessional.


6 critical mistakes to check for before submitting aviation job applications

Creating aviation job applications is never easy. But, by avoiding these all too common mistakes, you’ll give yourself the best possible foundation on which to showcase your skills.

Avoid these crucial mistakes when submitting aviation job applications

It doesn’t matter what role in the industry you’re applying for, avoiding these mistakes will immediately give you a fighting chance when submitting aviation job applications:

1) Forgetting to update your professional social media

Recruiters will check your social media profiles, and will expect them to match your application in terms of skills, experience and previous employers.

Be sure to update your professional social media accounts (e.g. LinkedIn) regularly, and showcase your skills in the best possible light.

Also, according to Career Builder, 70% of employers are looking at candidate’s social media profiles to screen them before hiring, which is up significantly from 60% in 2016. So, it’s worth checking that there’s nothing embarrassing or unsuitable there.

2) Not researching your potential employer

Both in-house and third-party recruiters will know the company they’re hiring on behalf of very well, and will be able to spot a generic application a mile off.

Whether you’re applying for a role at a high-flying national carrier, or a lesser-known ground operations company, make sure you know the company (their ethos, history and culture) inside-out.

3) Failing to tailor your application

Once you’ve conducted your research, adapt your application to show it’s been carefully curated for one specific vacancy.

This will show the employer that you’re serious about your career and about this aviation job specifically. It will also ensure that you’re responding directly to the job description that’s been advertised.

4) Leaving fields blank in online application forms

Aviation employers are fond of application forms for a variety of reasons.

But, even if there’s a completely valid reason for it, you should always avoid leaving a field within these forms blank. If you’re unsure about what to write, your recruitment agency should be able to help guide you through the process and clarify any questions you might have.

Primarily, you should use your application as a further opportunity to discuss related skills or experience. If the field relates to an aspect you’re currently lacking, explain the steps you’re taking to fill the gap.

5) Relying on falsehoods

It almost goes without saying, but avoid telling fibs on your application. In aviation – more so than most other industries – the confirmation process is sufficiently rigorous to ensure you’ll be found out.

If you’re concerned about an aspect that’s preferred but not vital to the role, be transparent in explaining this, what you’re doing to address the point and any related skills/experience you may already possess.

6) Not asking for a second opinion

Forgetting to ask for a second opinion on your application could put you at a serious disadvantage. A fresh pair of eyes could help you see things from a different perspective, or spot any minor mistakes.

Try to find someone in your specific field of aviation who’d be happy to help out. This can also be a great way to enhance your networking initiatives. But, even a check from a friend would be better than nothing.

Optimise your aviation job applications by avoiding these six critical mistakes.

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