8 cabin crew interview questions you just have to ask

Asking the right cabin crew interview questions can make a huge difference to your recruitment strategy. Discover the 8 cabin crew questions you have to ask.


Asking the right cabin crew interview questions can be the difference between hiring a manager of the future, or jumping back into the job market to replace a bad hire at considerable cost.

To comprehensively assess your cabin crew candidate’s skills, you need to tease out enough information to paint a vivid picture of who they are and how they might fit with your airline’s structure and ethos.

We’ve raided our office to provide you with a selection of questions you’re unlikely to find in recruitment handbooks, but can generate real insight and results. Here are our top choices:

Question 1

“You’re mid-flight and two incidents occur simultaneously; one involving an intoxicated passenger and one involving a young child. How do you triage these incidents and hold one until the other has been resolved?”

What’s being assessed:

  • Understanding of potential risks
  • Teamwork skills
  • Triaging skills
  • Reactions under pressure
  • Problem-solving abilities

Question 2

“Can you pitch [airline] to me as if I were a potential customer about to choose between multiple operators?”

What’s being assessed:

  • Communication skills
  • Company knowledge
  • Brand awareness
  • Customer understanding
  • Initiative

Question 3

“When was it that you knew a cabin crew role was the only option for you?”

What’s being assessed:

  • Long-term commitment
  • Understanding of role
  • Willingness to work in difficult conditions
  • Perception of the aviation industry
  • Personality traits they deem crucial

Question 4

“Based on what you’ve learnt about our airline, how would you contribute to greater success in future?”

What’s being assessed:

  • Willingness to go above-and-beyond
  • Strategic evaluation and planning skills
  • Company knowledge
  • Long-term commitment
  • Initiative

Question 5

“When I contact your last cabin crew supervisor and ask which area of your work needs the most improvement, what will I learn?”

What’s being assessed:

  • Self-awareness
  • Professional integrity
  • Potential weaknesses
  • Self-improvement skills
  • Previous experience

Question 6

“What have you succeeded at professionally, but wouldn’t want to repeat?”

What’s being assessed:

  • Knowledge of role
  • Motivation to progress
  • Approach to menial/repetitive tasks
  • Preferred working style (e.g. team/solo)
  • Something really hard. Something team related.

Question 7

“What’s your definition of hard work?”

What’s being assessed:

  • Knowledge of role
  • Ability to handle difficult working conditions
  • Willingness to go above-and-beyond
  • Ability to handle long hours
  • Adaptability to unexpected circumstances

Question 8

“Can you describe your ideal aviation employer?”

What’s being assessed:

  • Fit with company ethos
  • Realistic expectations of management
  • Ability to work independently
  • Knowledge of industry
  • Management skills

Asking the right questions undoubtedly gets results. But, it’s only part of the overall recruitment package.

Before you can start interviewing, you need access to a pool of talented, motivated and qualified cabin crew candidates. That’s where a trusted aviation recruitment partner comes in.

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