8 tips to help your LinkedIn profile stand out to recruiters!

Our aviation recruitment specialists have put together their top 8 tips to help your LinkedIn profile stand out to recruiters, when searching for a new position within the aviation industry!


8 tips to help your LinkedIn profile stand out to recruiters!

A strong, readable, and professional LinkedIn page is a fantastic way to network with fellow industry professionals, communicate with recruiters and keep tabs on aspirational companies. Therefore, building a strong, active, and comprehensive LinkedIn profile, is key to help you stand out to employers when searching for your next position. Here are our 8 top tips to help your LinkedIn profile stand out to recruiters.

Select a professional profile photo and header image!

Your profile and header image make-up the first visual impression employers will have of you when viewing your profile, so ensuring you select wisely is really important. Consider what it is that you want to convey through your image, as a picture says a thousand words. Consider something clear, in a head and shoulders frame, that reflects your business personality. As for your header image, perhaps your company has a selection brand headers that you can choose from to help raise brand awareness? If not, why not go for something motivational or inspirational?

Craft a standout headline and summary!

Your headline is the most visible line of text on your profile, from when you comment on a post, to when you send a connection request. Once a connection is viewing your page, your summary becomes the next most important factor. Rather than having a simple description of the current position you hold, or the position you are looking for, consider giving a concise phrase concluding your career goals and/or aspirations in your summary. Why not take an opportunity to highlight why you love you chosen profession and what you can offer future employers, giving key achievements and stats to boost your credibility.

Be active and social!

A great way to help your LinkedIn profile stand out on a recruiter’s feed, is by being proactive with your likes, comments, and shares. Liking relevant posts from organisations you follow and contributing to post discussions can really help project a positive image of yourself to employers that are reviewing your page. A great place to start and hear about new aviation opportunities and industry news is our own LinkedIn Channel.

Grow your network!

Building a large, but relevant network of fellow industry professionals and recruiters is one of the easiest ways to help identify new opportunities, a great place to start is our own LinkedIn Network where you can Network for free with fellow aviation industry professionals. Try searching groups on LinkedIn to find specific pages that are to your liking. Or, why not visit the LinkedIn profile of somebody you admire, and see what motivational groups they are a part of.

Organise your work experience in a clear and readable format!

No employer wants to read an essay when visiting your LinkedIn page, if they want a more detailed breakdown they will request your CV. Proven experience, detailed in a clear and readable format is what employers are looking for, so make sure you highlight the key achievements from within each position, while avoiding the overuse of ‘bland’ keywords. Read more about what aviation employers seek in an ideal candidate via our aviation job requirements blog post.

Endorse colleagues’ skills and request endorsements / recommendations!

Being proactive in endorsing colleagues’ achievements and skills will help highlight to employers that you have built a solid social and professional network with your colleagues. Returned endorsements/recommendations will also boost overall credibility helping your LinkedIn profile stand out. Be sure to take this activity seriously, be selective in what skills you endorse and consider if you are able to validate those skills through your professional association to them. If you endorse a connection for a skill they don’t have, that could reflect poorly on you and have the opposite effect on what you’re trying to achieve.

Share your own media or achievements!

Share your own creations or day to day work that you are proud of. These assets can help to build a visual portfolio of what you can offer to future employers and help market your skillset. If you have taken part in creating a piece of work, or an achievement is shared by your employer that you were a part of, share it to your own profile for your network to see! This may also give you an opportunity to express your specific contribution and your own positive thoughts about the project.

Add any extra courses you have completed on to your profile!

Be sure to include any extra courses you have taken part in that have resulted in qualifications. Why not demonstrate your knowledge and skill set through LinkedIn skills tests too? Add your LinkedIn learning achievements, extra language courses, or any additional academic/voluntary achievements you may have directly onto your profile. This will help to ensure your profile appears in more recruiter searches, whilst also demonstrating a proven knowledge of your profession and industry, impressing potential employers.

To Summarise…

In the digital age, your LinkedIn page is often the first impression recruiters will have of you, besides your CV, so it’s important to present the most impressive and credible version of yourself possible. So, to help your LinkedIn profile stand out, keep it as up to date as possible, aligned to your aspirations and achievements, whilst making it clear what you are looking for in a new position, signalling what potential employers could offer to entice you in. Good luck!