A cabin crew Christmas: Making the most of working through the festive season

Discover all the ways you can make the most of a cabin crew Christmas and get that festive feeling, even when you're booked in to work.


A cabin crew Christmas: Making the most of working through the festive season

A cabin crew Christmas is something altogether different.

While most people are busy tucking into turkey, cabin crew are high above our heads ensuring passengers have a safe and pleasant flight. But that doesn’t mean there’s no scope for a bit of festive fun.

Today, we’ll take a look some of the many ways you can enjoy a cabin crew Christmas even when your airline’s got you all booked up.

7 ways to enjoy a cabin crew Christmas

Based on our collective experience and some thoughts from experienced cabin crew, here are seven of the things you can do to maximise your enjoyment of Christmas –even when you’re working:

1) Put things in perspective

First, it’s time for a mini reality check.

Working over Christmas is simply part of the role you’re passionate about; reassure yourself that there will be plenty more Christmases to enjoy, and that you’ll only need to work on some of them.

Remember, your colleagues will be in the same boat, as will doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers and others providing vital services.

2) Recognise your amazing role

While you might be spending Christmas away from friends and family, the job you’ve chosen makes sure that other people can do exactly that.

Just imagine the hundreds of incredible, heart-warming tales of reunion hidden within the aisles of every flight you work on. Be proud that you’ve helped families, partners and old friends enjoy moments they’ll never forget.

3) Embrace Christmas abroad

Spending Christmas abroad can be a memorable occasion.

Depending on where you’re heading to, you could see twinkling Christmas lights spread across entire cities during takeoff and landing, or spend a few hours between flights on a tropical beach.

You’ll have the chance to find out how other cultures celebrate Christmas, or learn more about one of the many other religious festivals that take place at this time of year.

4) Enjoy some fun activities

Many airlines aim to do something special for passengers during the festive season; a Christmas countdown from the pilot, or a free glass of Champagne.

Jet2.com, with help from a host of wonderful charities, has already taken 150 kids up to the skies to look for Santa. Thankfully, he was on board their flight, and it turns out that the cabin crew were his extra-special elves!

In moments like this, you forget all about the drawbacks of working over Christmas.

5) Celebrate with colleagues

Make the effort to celebrate with colleagues, even if only for a few minutes on your meal break.

Contact the crew you’ll be working with beforehand to make a plan. Bring in a few sweet treats, decorations and Christmas regalia (Santa hats, reindeer headbands, elf ears etc.).

Many airlines will also lay on a Christmas lunch (or, breakfast/dinner depending on your shift) for you and your fellow cabin crew.

6) Arrange an alternative ‘Christmas’

You’ll find out whether you’re working Christmas in advance, so you’ll have the chance to plan an alternative ‘Christmas’ day.

Book some time out with your family and friends to celebrate with all the trimmings. There’s no way they’ll turn down the offer of more festive food and presents!

7) Look forward to time off

Lastly, the way cabin crew shifts are scheduled means you’ll probably have a decent chunk of time off immediately after Christmas (and, might well have had some beforehand).

Have a very merry cabin crew Christmas!


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