How can a trusted aviation recruitment agency support your airline’s recovery?

Our aviation recruitment specialists can support your airline's recovery following the Covid-19 impact on international travel and the aviation industry.


Airline recruitment – How can a trusted aviation recruitment agency support your airline’s recovery?


The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly altered the aviation industry over the last year, dramatically impacting the employment and recruitment levels of all professions within. However, a sharp increase in Global vaccine rates has brought a welcome increase in the demand for both domestic and international travel , making now the optimum time to ensure your airline’s recovery recruitment plan is in place and that you are prepared for an increasingly busy return to heavier flight schedules.

According to a recent report conducted by Flight Global, airline fleets are already back to around 95% of their pre-pandemic levels, however airline labour headcount currently sits at only around 60% compared to pre-covid levels. This statistic combined with fast-increasing travel demands means the second half of 2021 should see a sharp increase in the need for flight deck recruitment, as well as recruitment for other aviation staff, as airlines try to sustain themselves amidst this period which is predicted to be progressively busy.

This preparation has been reflected in the US market, where according to The New York Times American Airlines and United Airlines have stated that they will begin hiring pilots for the first time since the pandemic began in order to keep up with the sharp increase in flight demands, with 300 new pilot opportunities anticipated to appear with each airline by the end of the year. Moreover, Southwest airlines claim to have recalled 2,700 flight attendants already, reiterating the increasing need for recruitment within the aviation industry.

Managing these altering aviation recruitment demands throughout this unpredictable period can be tricky and time-consuming for businesses who often have enough on their plate, which is where having a trusted, knowledgeable aviation recruitment provider is of great benefit to any aviation company. The right aviation recruitment provider can be of significant value in assisting any airline’s recovery, providing a variety of flexible recruitment plans with pools of experienced, pre-vetted applicants, often delivered in short turnaround times. Moreover, the constant agility and scalability options aviation recruitment agencies provide takes the worry out of flight deck recruitment, with flexible contract options to suit the unpredictable climate, making securing the necessary staff simple, efficient and effective.

Here at AeroProfessional, we pride ourselves on our broad variety of staffing solutions designed to support airline recovery, with varied options to match each requirement and varying budgets. All of our recruitment solutions provide you with fast access to a high-calibre, pre-vetted pool of suitable, professional applicants, dramatically reducing the need for manual intervention throughout your recruitment process and eliminating the need for any additional marketing or internal recruitment costs. Our expert services provide you with a fast, more cost-efficient staffing solution, regardless of the required notice period, or niche demand.

If there is one thing we have all learnt from the past year, it is that nobody knows what lies around the corner for this industry. That is why we are constantly on hand to provide a range of  recruitment solutions, allowing you to upscale on a flexible, cost-efficient basis.

Give our recovery team a call today to confidentially discuss how we can support your airline’s recovery and ease your aviation recruitment burden on +44 (0)1252 750 400 or email our team at to discuss your options.