Asis Romeo Diaz de Atauri



Full Name: Asis Romeo Diaz de Atauri

Current Role: A340 First Officer

Client: Hi Fly


An AeroProfessional Success Story celebrates the achievements and of an individual candidate, discusses their current role  and how they felt about their AeroProfessional experience.

What was the first aircraft you learnt to fly in?

I started my flying career in 1998, the first aircraft I flew was the Piper Tomahawk PA-38. This was of course a very nervous flight for me, however the aircraft had great manoeuvrability which helped.

What started your love for aviation and how did your journey as a pilot begin?

From as long as I can remember, I was always interested in planes, as a child my father took me to the airport regularly. We would spend entire evenings watching planes take-off and land. My grandfather was a great pilot, he died when my father was a child, I suppose this love for aviation has been inherited from my family.

During education I studied Law and was a successful professional working in a Spanish bank as a lawyer. However I soon became bored of my lifestyle, and being on a 9:00 to 17:00 roster. I wanted to get some excitement in my professional life. I soon realised that my dream was to become pilot, so I pursued that vision. I gathered some savings and when the new JAR License was approved, I joined ATO Aeromadrid.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Pilots have the best office views in the world. Every day is different, even if we fly the same route.

Tell us about one of your best days at work in your current job…

I have many amazing days at work, but the best ones occur when our passengers greet us with a huge smile and thank us for a lovely flight. This job is full of sacrifice and effort, but the reward comes when you see people, families and kids having great time on-board. Good team work between cabin crew and the flight deck is vital to achieve this goal, and I am lucky enough to say I have flown with the best in the world.

What would you say were your biggest concerns when looking for a new pilot role?

Personally, the biggest concern was meeting airline standards, to find a job you need to be current and experienced. At the beginning this is difficult, and many pilots give up. They don’t find anywhere which provides enough experience to be eligible to attain a pilot role. In my case I had an extra concern, which was my age. I am now 51 and I started flying as an FO at 41, so I was worried that I would not to fit into the market.

How did AeroProfessional help to remove your concerns and make your experience positive?

AeroProfessional gave me hope when they offered me the chance to apply for different airlines when they studied my professional profile.

Have you tried other recruitment agencies?

Yes, and many times I felt like I was just a number to them.

AeroProfessional are different, they have a great Resourcing team, dealing with the applicants. They are approachable and strive to solve any issues and questions to the best of their ability.

Over time with AeroProfessional, what would you say you’ve done best?

AeroProfessional aim to provide their clients with the best pilots on the market, simultaneously they ensure the pilots locate the most suitable role, based on our professional profiles and requirements.

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