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Covid-19 testing will support the recovery of the aviation industry

Covid-19 screening is now in the same category as security and, just like enhanced security, we know testing has become a major feature of airlines and airports to restore both normality of operation and passenger confidence in air travel.

The key to sustaining this recovering is to ensure quality and effective testing remains widely available, and at a cost that is ethical and sustainable.

Rapid Antigen Covid testing is a quick and simple way to identify any live presence of the virus, with results observed within 15-minutes from the sample being taken. With the sheer volume of people involved within aviation, it remains the most effective means of swift, ongoing transactional screening for airlines, airports and aviation businesses.

To support this, AeroProfessional have been working with Excalibur Health Services, an established and renowned UK medical supplies and consumables provider. Our mission has been to make professional use Rapid Antigen Covid tests accessible and available to the aviation industry at a cost that is both ethical and sustainable. We are also able to facilitate the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) to support the ongoing administering of Rapid Antigen Covid testing as well as for any other business needs.

Read more below about the significant benefits that implementing a regular testing regime can have for your aviation business, as well as more information on the test kit product itself.

Piot and Cabin Crew wearing Covid PPE

Safe working environments – a duty of care

Remote working has become a big part of keeping many companies operating  while reducing transmission of the virus. But as the world begins to reopen, we know that this is not possible for airlines and airports.

As our industry starts to again scale up and recover it is critical to provide a safe, secure and Covid free workplace for employees. A recent survey found that nearly a third of employees felt it was not appropriate to return to the workplace unless safety measures were in place, including testing protocols. Having a business Covid policy is now a standard expectation, detailing how an employer intends to manage and mitigate any possible risk. Implementing simple but effective frequent employee Covid testing should be part of it.

Key benefits of ongoing testing:

  • Protect your employees and deliver on your duty of care as an employer
  • Provide a significant additional layer of risk mitigation to your existing business Covid policy
  • Reinstate employee confidence in working with co-workers
  • Reduce cases of transmission within your business
  • Remove the fear and stigma of working in an operational, office of customer facing environment
  • Simple, quick and effective testing regime
  • Low cost for employee peace of mind which results in better productivity

Protecting your clients and customers

There is also another key benefit to workplace testing. It not only provides peace of mind for staff members internally, but also promotes confidence externally to clients and consumers alike. Companies that undertake regular testing to protect their employees are also directly protecting their customer base. This is true for any business who has customer facing staff or employees that come into contact with external people in some way.

Whether it is through passengers on board an aircraft, handling agents assisting travellers inside airports, retail and food/catering outlets serving consumers, or organisations that have regular visitors such as cargo distribution warehouses, all businesses will be able to convey a message of safety for their customers based on the regular testing of their own employees.

Key benefits of ongoing testing:

  • Protect your customer base against the risk of contracting the virus
  • Promote a Covid free environment for your customers when using your services
  • Reinvigorate your customer base
  • Strengthen your brand and be seen as industry leading
  • Underpin your post-Covid recovery by making your company a safe place to do business
  • Simple, quick and effective testing regime
  • Low cost for customer peace of mind which results in improved sales

Passenger confidence – confirmed passengers are ‘fit to fly’

Restoring confidence in air travel is key to reigniting demand for airlines. Despite recent reports coming from bodies such as EASA and ICAO that suggest air travel actually contributes very little to the spread and continued transmission of the virus, strict government instruction to avoid travel where necessary has left a clear stigma around being in airports or on aircraft. Testing all travellers that are on your aircraft, regardless of the Government imposed testing regimes in your country, is one way to help overcome this fear.

Imagine being on an aircraft, safe in the knowledge that every passenger around you has been tested and produced a negative result. This is the reality that some airlines have already started to endorse and adopt, by making testing available for passengers at the airport prior to departure.

Key benefits of ongoing testing:

  • Protect your passengers against the risk of transmission on board your aircraft
  • Promote a Covid free aircraft environment for your passengers when flying with your airline
  • Reinvigorate your customer base and attract more ticket sales
  • Strengthen your brand and be seen as industry leading
  • Underpin your post-Covid recovery by making your airline a safe way to travel
  • Simple, quick and effective testing regime
  • Low cost for passenger peace of mind which results in improved sales

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