Career development: Which is the best airline to work for when it comes to progression?

Find out what makes aviation employers contenders for 'The best airline to work for', and how a specialist recruiter could enhance your job search.


Career development: Which is the best airline to work for when it comes to progression?


For pilots, figuring out the best airline to work for is far from straightforward.

Livery, historic reputation and snazzy uniforms may play a part in the thought process that guides your job-hunt. But, more often than not, there’s a more pressing consideration in play.

Opportunities for career development, although somewhat less tangible, should be at the forefront when deciding which is the best airline to work for. Not only will this determine your level of job satisfaction in the short-term, it will also help set you up for long-term success.

Today, we’ll explore some of the best job opportunities for career development on the market today, and explain how a skilled aviation recruiter can become your strategic job-hunting partner.

Career development, the best airline to work for: contenders

Based on our own experiences as well as feedback from our valued candidates, here are some of the contenders for ‘the best airline to work for’ in 2019:

1) Turkish Airlines

Plus points:

• Reputable employer and market operator
• Chance to grow with an expanding business
• New qualification opportunities

Turkish Airlines runs with the big dogs. The company already serves over 300 destinations worldwide, and has a fleet of more than 300 aircraft that’s growing fast in order to satisfy demand.

All first officers with the right profile are given the chance to upgrade their position, while pilots who satisfy ICAO age conditions can work towards an instructor qualification.

Become a first officer or captain at Turkish Airlines.

2) Peach Aviation

Plus points:

• Training/upskilling opportunities
• Improved career prospects
• Almost unbeatable terms and conditions

Japan’s original LCC, Peach Aviation, introduced travel to the masses via its operating bases at Kansai International Airport (Osaka) and Naha Airport (Okinawa).

Pilots operating older aircraft get the opportunity to train on the immensely popular A320, therefore broadening their career horizons. There’s also an attractive remuneration package and a host of other perks to help sweeten the deal!

Become a captain at Peach Aviation.

3) Flight Calibration Services

Plus points:

• Scope to broaden experience (locations and types)
• Career development opportunities
• High salary

As Europe’s only privately owned and fully independent provider, Flight Calibration Services is truly unique.

Experienced MEP pilots get the chance to gain a wealth of new experience in a variety of formats and locations. You’ll also have a defined career path through to senior captain positions, which brings with it an increased salary threshold.

Become an MEP pilot at Flight Calibration Services.

Gain career development insights with a dedicated aviation recruiter

While ultimately you know what’s best for your career, exploring every avenue and turning over every stone takes real legwork.

With this in mind, partnering with an experienced aviation recruiter like AeroProfessional ensures there’s someone on your side to help share this load.

All our recruiters have first-hand industry experience, and will do everything they can to give you the insight needed to ensure your next career move is the right one.

So, optimise your aviation job search today by teaming up with the experts at AeroProfessional.

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