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A320 Operator (Asia) Case Study


A320 Operator (Asia) Case Study

Client Requirements and Process

As part of growing and nurturing our passive c-level network, our specialists keep in-touch with clients on a regular basis, ensuring that we are always up to date with market intelligence. This continual communication led to our team to being retained by an A320 Charter Operator in Cambodia. This well-known operator was seeking to overhaul their executive management team with a new CEO and CFO.

Upon appointment of the executive search campaign, our team conducted a thorough profiling exercise to correctly ascertain both the professional and inter-personal skills needed by prospective candidates. Through close collaboration with our partners in Cambodia, we identified a select number of candidates early on within our existing network, that matched the executive profile needed. These candidates went through our unique executive selection filtering process (including a 3rd party online

psychometric testing which we designed on behalf of the customer) and three of the candidates were subsequently shortlisted for further processing. Our team submitted a dossier for each of the three candidates, all of which were invited to a preliminary skype interview, with one of the three being invited for a face to face interview at the operator’s offices in Asia.

Our team provided substantial guidance to the client in respective of a good structure for a face to face interview. While the candidates were strong, a robust process was needed to truly test the candidates against the detailed profile.

Our lead candidate (who was invited to final interview), has previously held CEO and Managing Director roles for multiple renowned private jet operators across Central Asia. He was well-known to the AeroProfessional network and visa versa, so the communication process was very organic.

The aforementioned candidate demonstrated a diverse level of experience across a range of strategic and operational areas with his management roles in Central Asia. As such, the Client was confident that he was the right fit for the position.


At the time of offer, AeroProfessional had a very active role in communicating between the client and the candidate, as well as advising the client on how to move forwards. At this stage, the largest concern from the candidate’s perspective was the permanent relocation to the client’s country. Negotiations around the financial package were all managed and conducted, in close association with the client, by AeroProfessional. As a team we continuously balanced and communicated the expectations of both parties to ensure full transparency.

Working collaboratively and professionally, while giving personable support, the candidate relocated without stress. The new CEO not only signed the contract and started delivering but enjoyed a seamless on-boarding process conducted by the client.

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