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Find out how we supported ASL to increase their pilot headcount

ASL Case Study


ASL Case Study


Increased demand for global freight put additional pressure on our client, a large European based cargo operator, to increase its fleet and therefore its pilot headcount.

Leveraging our extensive network, AeroProfessional were able to quickly build a pool of pilots who met the clients specific criteria needed to join the airline.

In addition, we also create a direct link with another airline who operated the same aircraft but who were sadly forced to make significant headcount reduction. Working with both airlines, we were able to engage with pilots who were facing redundancy and quickly transition them into a new role. We also gained the support and cooperation of the relevant unions as part of the process to ensure all affected pilots were support in securing a new position.

The selection process required the usual in-depth stages of screening, interview and skills tests and our team liaised closely with the client in order to manage the necessary logistics and organisation. However, this all took place during 2020, which meant tackling the additional challenges of both Covid and Brexit!

It was necessary for candidates to attend interview and simulator sessions in multiple cities in two different countries and, due to the pandemic, travel was heavily restricted. We were able to source the best means of transport as well as ensuring candidates had the necessary paperwork and permits to allow them to travel across borders without hindrance. Through our extensive assessment preparation methods, we ensured a success rate of great than 80% which not only expedited the timescales to achieve the required number of pilots but it reduced the costs as the minimal amount of assessments were required.

Many of the candidates were UK nationals which meant there was a possibly their licences could become invalid following the Brexit deadline. Working closely with the client and the pilots, we were able to expedite the conversion of all UK licences to EASA, safeguarding the airline and the pilots though our relationships with the licensing authorities across Europe.

There was then the question of a UK nationals right to work in Belgium once the freedom of movement was removed. Using established contacts, AeroProfessional quickly identified a direct channel into the appropriate Belgian authority to swiftly resolve the work permit and visa issues, ensuring continuity of service and delivering 100% compliance and peace of mind to the client and pilots alike.

Our status as a licensed interim supplier along with an extensive knowledge of cross border compliance issues and an unparalleled contact network all contributed towards our ability to provide a genuine turn-key solution for our client, whilst overcoming the most significant problems we have ever encountered.

We have a comprehensive support network in place for our pilot contractors including welfare check ins, regular support with monthly activity management and assistance with monthly payroll & financial reporting. This has lead to 100% retention in the 9 months we have been engaging crew.

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