Aviation Technical Recruitment

From design and manufacture, to line & base maintenance and modification, our Aviation Technical Recruitment team are ready to support your requirements.


Aviation Technical Recruitment

At AeroProfessional we pride ourselves on being able to offer the highest level of service to support a variation of client needs. We have a dedicated aviation technical recruitment team who work closely with our OEM and MRO clients to ensure that aircraft safety and operational efficiency remains paramount.

AeroProfessional have been established for over 15-years, providing flight crew and engineering services, proving that our engineering recruitment team are best placed to provide expert support with a critical understanding of the industry as a whole.

Our extensive internal database, AVRESO®, is at the core of our business ensuring our clients have access to the right skills to deliver high-performance and maximum impact. AVRESO® houses over 30k qualified technical aviation personnel who are actively engaged with AeroProfessional. In a recent survey we confirmed that 1 in 3 of our candidates are exclusively registered with AeroProfessional, with 37% stating that they searched jobs on the AeroProfessional website before visiting Flight Global!

Our range of technical engineering staff allows us to cover the full life cycle of an aircraft, from design and manufacture through to maintenance and finally end of life services once the aircraft has served its time.

We continue to support our global client base to ensure that their projects and programmes are delivered on time AND on budget. We can support you to hire technical staff, including but not limited to; Design engineers, Stress Engineers, Manufacturing, NC programmer, Quality, Licenced Engineers, Mechanics, Avionic/Electrical, Paint Technicians, Technical Authors, Airworthiness, NDT.

Magnetic MRO engages AeroProfessional Limited to provide recruitment services for B1/B2 A320 & B737 Instructors. The candidates provided by AeroProfessional are experienced, very well informed of what is offered to them thanks to agency communication skills and always very motivated to work... as with my experience with other recruitment agencies I would recommend AeroProfessional the most!


Under the dynamic environment within which we operate they have always adapted well to our requirements and have always actioned our needs with the high priority. When working with AeroProfessional we are confident that our recruitment requirements will be met with the best possible results.


AeroProfessional’s client list for engineering recruitment services spans across continents. We pride ourselves on delivering compliant people solutions with local expertise wherever your operation may be based, this includes compliant payroll solutions in most oversees countries.

As your preferred partner for Engineering & Technical recruitment, we work with you to listen to your business needs and present the best solutions possible.

Whatever your need, please contact our specialist technical team to see how we can support your continued growth and success.

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