Bespoke Recruitment Marketing

We deliver very successful recruitment marketing campaigns, aligned with your brand and corporate values, which drive large numbers of high-quality applications direct to your careers page.


Bespoke Recruitment Marketing Solutions

Our Bespoke Marketing Solutions are perfect for brand-conscious organisations, looking to gain maximum attraction of relevant applicants to their own recruitment portals, resulting in higher conversion-rates.

Working with our team of Recruitment Marketing specialists, we will build for you a robust marketing campaign targeted towards your desired results. Whether you’re looking for niche, locally based personnel, or to hold recruitment days across the globe for all flight crew – by listening and understanding your needs we’re able to provide a tailor-made campaign that works for you and your business.

We ensure that your brand and values are at the forefront of what we do, aligning imagery, tone of voice and application process to the aspirations of your organisation.

This unique solution has been quickly adopted by national carriers across the Middle East and Asia and has resulted in high-impact results from the outset. Our campaigns have delivered higher click-through rates and lower costs-per-click compared to both Google and LinkedIn, reaching direct audiences of over 130,000 and 3rd-party audiences of over 1.5 million people.

Why invest in Bespoke Recruitment Marketing solutions? Attraction is a paramount factor in the hiring process and the digital age is making it harder to engage candidates, making a robust marketing solution invaluable.

The skills, time and resource needed to deliver effective online campaigns is something many businesses struggle to achieve, which is why outsourcing recruitment marketing to a specialist like AeroProfessional is a wise investment. Outsourcing also provides you with an opportunity to target groups based on specific data, monitor campaign performance with associated feedback to improve your brand-positioning and brand-awareness.

Our pricing in designed to fit around you, your business processes and your advertising needs, that’s why we offer two pricing strategies; Itemised payments and packages. For more information on pricing structures and campaign options available please don’t hesitate to contact our team for a no-obligation quote. We specialise is pilot recruitment, cabin crew, engineering and c-suite executives.

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National Flag Carrier – Based in Asia



AeroProfessional’s international client needed a quick, short-term solution to increase both their pilot recruitment applications and the quality of applications received. Within this their aim was to increase brand awareness and ensure that their premium reputation was clearly communicated and upheld.


AeroProfessional appointed their dedicated marketing experts to deliver ‘Economy Package’ aligned to the client’s visuals, website, tone of voice and branded colours, then executed the campaign over AeroProfessional’s core online touch points with targeted emails to qualified aviation professionals. AeroProfessional utilised its links to external aviation groups to network the opportunity further, gaining additional reach, engagement and conversion.


  • Delivered 3,764 clicks to the clients chosen landing page
  • Delivered 4.1% higher CTR than LinkedIn advertising benchmarks.
  • Delivered 2.6% higher CTR than the Google Adwords benchmarks .
  • A targeted email to AeroProfessional database, achieving 18% higher than average OR and 8% higher than average CTR.
  • The campaign CPC was £2.39 cheaper than LinkedIn’s benchmark CTR.
  • Direct reach to 125.8K social connections, plus access to aviation groups with a combined reach 1.5M.

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