Cabin Crew – Talent Showcase

Cabin Crew – Talent Showcase

Below is just a small sample of the Cabin Crew staff we have available within our network.
For more details about these candidates, please complete the Talent Request Form.  If you are looking for other specific skills, let us know and we can carry out a detailed search for you. Simply let us know your requirements on the Talent Request Form.

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A320/ B737 Cabin CrewCabin crew with 6-months experience on both A320 and B737. Based in London and happy to relocate to anywhere around UK. Available immediately. Fluent in English and Spanish.SGAG/01January
Flight PurserExperienced as Cabin Crew on A330, A340 and the B777 as well as a Flight Purser on the A320. Fluent in English, French, Italian with basic Arabic. Available with a 2-month notice period.FAAG/01January
French Cabin CrewOver 5-years of experience on both Airbus A330 and A320. Open to relocation and flexible. Fluent in English, French, Serbian and basic Italian.ESAG/12December
AirBus Cabin Crew7-years of experience across the A320 and A340 – 500/600 types. Worked on both Private and Commercial, available with immediate notice, can speak English and Conversational Arabic and Italian.OMCG/12December
A320 Flight AttendantExperienced Cabin Crew member, 10 years in total. The most recent 5 of those 10 years, was with A320. Immediately available, as the candidate has taken a year off to participate in personal activities. Fluent in French and English.NFAG/12
A330 Cabin Crew PurserCurrently a Purser / Line Instructor on the A320. Has previously been in a position of Cabin Crew Assistant Trainer. Fluent in English, French, Italian with basic Arabic as well. Holds a notice period of 2-months.AFABK/12December
ATR72-600 Cabin Crew
With 2 years of cabin management across the ATR, Airbus and Boeing family. Fluent in English and basic German. Available with a 4-week notice period and would consider a relocation to any destinations.JMCG/11November
ATR72-600 Senior Cabin CrewCabin Crew experience of around 7 years, across the ATR as Senior Cabin Member. An Italian national, and fluent in English. Available with immediate effect. Previously relocated to the UK, so is happy to relocate globally.MRCG/11November
Worldwide CRJ Cabin CrewOver 10 years’ experience in commercial and private overall. Previously flown in CRJ900, A320, A330 and A340. Last position was as VIP cabin crew.
Attestation has recently expired, candidate is happy to pay for the recurrence to become active or alternatively open to a bond.
Currently based in Romania, previously worked in the middle east and is open for opportunities worldwide, available immediately.
European CRJ Cabin CrewJust over 4 years’ experience across private and commercial flights. Currently based in the Middle East but open to relocate within Europe.
Attestation has expired but our candidate is willing to obtain it again. Available with 1-month notice. Interested in opportunities in Europe.
Challenger 350/ Global jet/ Learjet 60 Cabin crew Freelancer for the past few years with experience on aircrafts such as Learjet 60, BBJ 737, A320, B777, CL 350 as well as Global Jet. Currently looking for a permanent contract. Immediately available. Fluent in English, Polish and Italian.MRAG/10October
Challenger 605, Learjet 60, Hawker 800 XP Cabin CrewVIP Flight Attendant with experience on aircraft such as CL 605, Hawker 800XP, Learjet 60, A320 private operation, BBJ and Falcon 2000. Currently looking for opportunities in South Europe. Available with 1-month notice. Fluent in English, Italian, Slovak, Czech.NMAG/10October
A310/320 Cabin CrewOver 20 years’ experience in commercial and private combined. Previously flown in B747, B777 and A380. Last position was as a Cabin Crew Supervisor and Trainer. Currently based in Singapore, but open to opportunities worldwide with immediate availability.AOAG/10October
A320/ B737-NG Cabin CrewCabin Manager with over 2 years’ experience currently based in England. Fluent in English, Spanish and conversational Italian. Available immediately.DNMAG/10October
Freelance VIP Flight Attendant2 years VVIP flight attendant experienced in aircraft such as G650 and Global Express. Currently employed for asset management as secretary and looking to get back to full time VIP Flight attendant role. 2 months’ notice.MKAG/09September
Freelance Flight AttendantExperienced as flight attendant in aircrafts such as G200, G300/400, B737, B777, B747 and A340. Currently based in Europe and looking for either freelance or full-time opportunities. Current on both Gulfstream and Global Jet. Immediately available.GMWAG/09September
Experience VIP Fight AttendantExperienced VIP Fight Attendant, seeking new opportunity ideally with 50/50 contact. ALGH/09September
Senior Cabin CrewLooking at new opportunities within Senior Cabin Crew. Open to all global locations and has up to 1-month notice period. Currently doing private operations for several large airlines.PGKH/09September
B737-NG / A380 Cabin Crew Cabin Crew with over 5 years’ experience in both Commercial and corporate VIP operation. Based in Singapore and would enjoy a rotation of 24 days, on 7 days off. Fluent in English, Cantonese, Malaysia Bahasa with basic Mandarin and Japanese.JOAG/08August
Corporate Flight attendant/ B777-200 LR With over 10 years of experience as cabin crew, currently employed full time. Based in Singapore, fluent in Mandarin and English with basic Cantonese. Currently on 21 days on, 21 days off roster. Available with 1 month notice period.XCHE/08August
Cabin Service Director10 years’ experience as a Flight Attendant, our candidate has progressed up through their career to Cabin Service Director.YKGH/08August
Customer Service Manager and Owning Line ManagerCabin crew with VVIP flight attendant experience on aircrafts such as A320, A380, B737, B747 and B777. Currently employed with British Airways.SBAG/08August
Senior Cabin Crew and TrainerExperienced Cabin Crew with more than 5 years’ experience. Candidate has flown B737-400, as well as A320/A319 and A340. Based in Greece and available with 2-week notice.VLHE/07July
A320 Cabin CrewCurrently employed with Etihad as A320/A330 Cabin Crew. Holds over 5 years of cabin crew experience. Fluent in English and Greek with basic German.MCHE/07July
EMB 175/ EMB 190, A330/340, B747 Cabin CrewAn experienced cabin crew member who has been in several cabin positions from Senior Cabin Crew to Cabin Manager. Previous companies include those with fantastic reputations globally. Candidate is hoping to get into a new position and back into a senior role. Based in UK, on a 4-week notice period.JMKH/07July
EMB 170 Cabin CrewCabin Crew member for the past 2.5 years and considering new opportunities to progress into a more senior position. A competent aviation professional and very passionate about the industry. 2-month notice period which may be negotiable. Open to opportunities for other bases and relocation for the right role.RKKH/07July
VVIP Falcon 900 Flight Attendant.5 years VVIP and 2.5 years Falcon 900 experience. Open to worldwide relocation.SBLM/06June
Falcon 7X VIP Flight AttendantImmediately available with medical licence valid until May 2019 and licence valid until 2021. Fluent in English, Greek and also able to communicate basic French.VGHE/06June

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