Head Office – Talent Showcase

Head Office – Talent Showcase

Below is just a small sample of the Head Office and Airline Ground staff we have available within our network.
For more details about these candidates, please complete the Talent Request Form.  If you are looking for other specific skills, let us know and we can carry out a detailed search for you. Simply let us know your requirements on the Talent Request Form.

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Chief Operations OfficerWorking as a COO for a European flagship carrier. Enjoys technical and project management. Holds a vast engineering and MRO knowledge. 3-month negotiable notice period and targeting opportunities in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia.PRKH/06June
Head of FinanceA commercially focused creative Head of Finance with extensive operational, financial planning and analysis and business partnering experience. Immediately available. Qualified as CIMA Management Accountant.SPAG/06June
Training ManagerA320 TRI/TRE and a training manager in his last position. Holds 1-month notice period in his current position, but is seeking a head office role, preferably a Director of Flight Operation position.ATABK/06June
Quality and Compliance ManagerKnowledgeable and experienced quality and compliance manager who enjoys leadership. Targeting Managing Director roles in a business where individual difference can be made. South UK based.MAKH/06June
Director of OperationsWell experienced in management operation. Director of Flight Operations with experience of starting a new airline. Currently based in Thailand and immediately available.RYABK/05May
G450 B1 & C EngineerExperienced G450 engineer with other large jets on his license also. Available immediately and targeting South UK as a location. TOKH/05May
Project Manager – Airspace Management specific A highly experienced project manager who enjoys assisting with Air Traffic and Airspace management from the ground up. Based in The Middle East but open to opportunities worldwide. Available immediately.KLKH/04April
Crew Rostering OfficerIn charge of creating and issuing rosters to flight deck and cabin crew. Communication with clients. Experienced in customer service.SPABK/04April
Operations ControllerOver 12 years of Operational Controller experience and building extensive knowledge over the operational planning and implementation, operations control, flight planning and dispatch, CAP371. Also holds an FAA Licence. Available with one-week notice.MWCG/04April
Flight DispatcherHolds over 15 years of flight dispatching experience. Native in Persian and English. Available with immediate notice.SHCG/04April
Managing DirectorExperienced MD and COO for several reputable airlines across the globe. Looking at EU positions where he can make a positive impact long term with a new airline. Available immediately – currently based in the UK. JSKH/04April
B1 EngineerExperienced B1 and C engineer with type ratings on G450, B747, B777 and L1011 Tristar. Is available immediately for positions in South of England. TOKH/04April
Engineering Manager/ Accountable ManagerExperienced in Engineering and maintenance, quality assurance, safety management system, EASA 147 Training Facility, Line station management, strategic planning, business development and aircraft procurement. Experience in mostly in Asian countries. Available with a 4 week notice period.TEAG/03March
Director of Flight Operations and Regulatory ComplianceWorked for some impressive names in aviation within both senior flight operations and within the regulatory space. Familiar with start-up operations and ITAs. Also, a crisis director and is available from April. Considering all locations especially the middle east. TMKH/03March
CEO / CFOCandidate has held various management and consultancy roles with airlines previously specialising on Boeing B777.RSAG/02February
Senior B1/B2 Aircraft EngineerCandidate has many years’ experience as a B1/B2 engineer and has B737 CL, NG and MAX as current type ratings, as well as B757, B767 and B787. Actively seeking permanent roles.DCKH/02February
Flight DispatcherOur candidate is a very experienced flight dispatcher who has worked within several different charter airlines. Speaks fluent German.ASKH/02February
B1 EngineerLicenced EASA B1 engineer available for roles worldwide on the Boeing B737. AGKH/02February
Flight Planning Operations ManagementBased in the UK, with over 13 years of Aviation experience, this candidate is a key player to ensure smooth and effective delivery of services, including scheduling and monitoring loading and flight activity. Available with immediate effect.BNCG/01January
DFO and Senior CaptainA senior professional within flight operations, this candidate has been flying and working with A320/A330 aircraft for over 20 years. This candidate is targeting high-level DFO positions to get new exposure. 6-month notice period and fluent in English and French.GLKH/01January
Aircraft Lease, Purchases and Sales Specialist4 years experience within Aircraft Leasing. Able to speak fluent English, Italian and French. Candidate is Willing to relocate within Europe and currently has a one-month notice period.GTCG/01January
Flight Operations Officer - SupervisorJust under 3 years’ experience and the ability to speak fluent English, Slovenian, Croatian and conversational Russian. Available with immediate notice.DSCG/01January
Chief Technical OfficerInterested in opportunities within the Middle East and the rest of the world, targeting CTO positions. Holds an extensive background within CTO positions and is expecting a salary of around £200k depending on location. Currently available with 1-month notice period, increasing to 6 months in the next 2 months.
Sales ExecutiveSales Executive with 7 months aviation part sales experience. Interested in an opportunity based in the Midlands. Passionate for aviation and is looking for a basic of around £32k/£45k OTE. Holds a notice period of 2 weeks.DMKH/01January
Ground Operations ManagerAn experienced Ground Operations Manager with an array of experience in ground operation. Open for opportunities after being made redundant due to company insolvency. Available immediately.TFHO/12December
Chief Pilot & A320/330 TrainingExperience A320/330 pilot with many years in a Chief Pilot’s position. Also experienced as Director of crew training and a training captain on the A330/340. Holds a notice period of 3-months.IEGH/12December
Regional Sales DirectorAn experienced Senior Sales Manager, most recently the Regional Director for their previous company. Was made redundant, so is immediately available and open to various locations, targeting a salary of £70k plus commission.APKH/12December
A319 B1 Flight EngineerEmployed as a B1 Engineer, based in Madrid, Spain. Working as a technical representative during maintenance checks, combined with pre-purchase inspections. Experience working abroad in locations such as Asia. Holds both Spanish and Venezuelan Passports. Open to relocation.CEAG/12December
Vice-President Flight Operations/A330 & B787 PilotFlight Ops. Director/President with experience working for large, national carriers. Also, an experienced pilot with current ratings on A330 & B787.EDGH/12December
B1 Licenced EngineerWorking with a large commercial airline as an aircraft engineer. Looking for a new challenge with a different company. Licence is GCAA which restricts location to UAE. However, our candidate is working on getting an EASA licence and transferring their ratings over. Experienced on A330/A350/A380 and B777.JJKH/12December
Director of Flight OperationsAn experienced DFO who has worked for several renowned airlines. Experienced with the whole Boeing family as well as Airbus 300s. Looking for a DFO position in the UK or Ireland.MFKH/11November
Head of Technical Programmes – Flight OperationsAn experienced Senior Manager in technology and programme management, within aviation. Currently based in Dubai and would be interested in exciting opportunities in the Middle East.GPKH/11November
Chief Pilot/Manager Director & also A320 TRI/TREExperienced working both as DFO and Head of Flight Training in France. Excellent understanding of how the French Unions work, regarding Airline Management.
Immediately available. Fluent in English and French with basic Spanish.
Ground Ops and Aviation Security / Flight OperationsOver 20 years aviation experience and 22 years of service in the royal air force.AHAG/11November
B737NG & Learjet 45/75 B1 & B2 EngineerExperienced engineer who is also doing an instructing role currently. Mostly experienced in line maintenance, including A checks with some heavier tasks APU and engine replacements. Interested in freelancing contracts.JLGH/10October
Operations Documentation Supervisor Dealt with the compliance of an entire aircraft fleet, documentation management, improving the process of aircraft onboard documentation, which allowed the airline to significantly reduce risk of legal and technical compliance issues by ensuring that all aircrafts are supplied and have access to latest versions of flight operation documents.IMCG/10October
Operations Control Centre SupervisorWith over 4 years of Operation Control including coordination, submission and dissemination of flight clearances, handling and fuel, creating pre-fight documentation Mihails also has 4 years of ground handling experience and a further year of flight coordinating.MSCG/10October

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