Pilot – Talent Showcase

Pilot – Talent Showcase

Below is just a small sample of the Pilots we have available within our network.
For more details about these candidates, please complete the Talent Request Form.  If you are looking for other specific skills, let us know and we can carry out a detailed search for you. Simply let us know your requirements on the Talent Request Form.

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B737NG CaptainFlying the B737NG as captain with 4.400 command hours and with 16 years flying experience. Immediately available.NSKS/06June
B737NG CaptainCaptain on the B737NG with 1757 command hours and 4113 First Officer hours. Immediately available.RSKS/06June
CL604/605 Captain/TRIChallenger 604/605 Captain and TRI with ICAO level 5 English and fluent Latvian. Spent most of his career within private operations. Current assignment is due to end soon and therefore is available with little to no notice.ALOA/06June
Dash 8 Q400 Check Pilot/ CaptainA highly experienced check pilot and Captain holding an FAA and Canadian ICAO licence with 17,000 total time, 14,480 of which being PIC now seeking NTR opportunities on jet.BSOA/06June
G450/G550 Captain TRI/TREVastly experienced G450/G550 Captain TRI/TRE with over 9000 hours TT and experience flying most of the globe. With a background of air traffic control, business aviation and having also been a Chief Pilot now looking for a full-time flying position.APOA/05May
Gulfstream 550/650 First Officer (FAA/EASA)G550/650 FO with over 1500 hours on type. Also experienced on the ERJ 145 with over 100 First Officer hours. Open to opportunities in USA or within Europe.SDGH/05May
Gulfstream G100/King AirG100 Captain open to a worldwide relocation. Available with 1 month notice period. ICAO level 4 and fluent in Afrikaans.MWKS/05May
First OfficerWith over two years’ experience flying the ATR, ready for command upgrade. ICAO level 6 English with a 3 weeks’ notice period.RCKS/04April
ATR 42/72 CaptainAn ATR Captain (ICAO) with over 1000 hours in command and immediately available. Happy to relocate should it work for their family.JCGH/04April
ATR 42/72 Line CaptainAn experienced Captain and TRI/TRE on the ATR 42/72 with over 7,000 PIC hours, available with no notice and open to relocation.EGOA/04April
A330 CaptainAirbus Captain with around 25000 hours of total flying. Fluent in English & German with level 4 and level 6 respectively. Available immediately.BPGH/04April
A320/330 CaptainWide & Narrow body experienced with over 2000 overs command on both A320 and A330. Fluent in English & French. Also holds A320 TRI rating on their EASA licence.SBGH/04April
B737 CaptainOver 15 years flying experience on the Boeing 737NG. Captain with 4,000 command hours and total time on type of 10,400 hours. Seeking a commuting contract and new opportunities due to the grounding of B737 Max.CLKS/04April
B737 CaptainOver 27 years flying experience Captain on the Boeing 737 with 4300 command hours and total time on the Boeing 737NG of 12,000 hours. Available within 1 month. Fluent in German and English.JRKS/04April
Captain CRJ900Young CRJ900 Captain (EASA) open to offers and eager to progress his career. Fluent French/English and conversational Italian.PGGH/03March
Captain CL604Captain on the CL604 with over 4,900 Pic hours. Can be Immediately available and is open to a relocation globally with a valid medical and LPC. PGKS/03March
Captain Q400 TRIVastly experienced and competent Captain who has accumulated around 18,000 hours with 4,000 of those on the Q400. The type rating is endorsed on his EASA license.MZABK/03March
Boeing B757 / 767 First OfficerOver 1,000 hours on aircraft types B757/767. Current holder of an FAA license.RHAG/02February
Boeing B757 / 767 CaptainICAO licensed Captain with over 2,000 hours on the B757/B767. Available with 2 weeks’ notice.ASAG/02February
Boeing B777 CaptainCaptain with over 8,000 hours PIC on type & EASA level 6 in English with Fluent Dutch, French & German. Available immediately.TOAG/02February
B737NG Captain5,000 PIC hours on type. EASA license. Actively seeking positions in Europe.VPKS/02February
A380 Captain & Flight Safety ManagerExperienced Airbus pilot who has also held the Flight Safety Manager position for one of the world’s largest airlines. Available immediately.PEFD/01January
A320 First OfficerAn extremely keen FO with a passion for flying and immediately available. This candidate has accumulated over 750 hours and has been flying in the last 12 months.TAFD/01January
A320 Captain & A330 TRI/TRE (EASA)Experienced Airbus Captain and A330 examiner seeking new opportunity after recent employer ceased operation. Fluent English, Italian and conversational French.ACGH/01January
A320/330 First OfficerHighly experienced Airbus First Officer on both wide & narrow body aircraft. Seeking that next step in their career to eventually move over to the left-hand seat. Fluent in English & German.YTFD/01January
B737 Captain Experienced B737 Captain with over 2,500 hours total time with ICAO 6 English and fluent Portuguese. Has experience flying the B737 Classic, as well as NG. Available with 1-month notice.DBKS/01January
A320/330/340 Captain (EASA)Experienced pilot, who has spent the majority of his career on various Airbus types with over 15,000 hours in total. Currently freelancing seeking a permanent commutable position.LLGH/01January
A320 First Officer (EASA)A320 First Officer with over 1,000 hours on type. Available with 2-months’ notice and is seeking European or commutable position. Fluent in English with level 6 and fluent in Danish.KVGH/01January
A320 First OfficerA seasoned First Officer with over 10,000 hours on the A320 family. Holds an EASA license and is immediately available. Based in Portugal.PNABK/01January
A320 First OfficerAn EASA rated First Officer with over 600 hours and immediately available.KWABK/12December
A320 CaptainA very competent captain with almost 9,000 hours total time with 4,000 of those as PIC. Immediately available. Fluent in English, Danish with conversational Swedish and German.RDABK/12December
Spanish A320 First OfficerFirst Officer based in Spain. Available for new opportunities with a very short notice. Type rating on the A320, valid until August 2018.AGABK/12December
Spanish A320/340 Captain (EASA)EASA A340 Captain (also rated on A320) who has been in a position of chief training pilot on the A340. ICAO level 6 in English and 6 in Spanish as well. Immediately available.DQLGH/12December

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