Pilot – Talent Showcase

Pilot – Talent Showcase

Below is just a small sample of the Pilots we have available within our network.
For more details about these candidates, please complete the Talent Request Form.  If you are looking for other specific skills, let us know and we can carry out a detailed search for you. Simply let us know your requirements on the Talent Request Form.

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B737 Captain Experienced B737 Captain with over 2,500 hours total time with ICAO 6 English and fluent Portuguese. Has experience flying the B737 Classic, as well as NG. Available with 1-month notice.DBKS/01January
A320/330/340 Captain (EASA)Experienced pilot, who has spent the majority of his career on various Airbus types with over 15,000 hours in total. Currently freelancing seeking a permanent commutable position.LLGH/01January
A320 First Officer (EASA)A320 First Officer with over 1,000 hours on type. Available with 2-months’ notice and is seeking European or commutable position. Fluent in English with level 6 and fluent in Danish.KVGH/01January
A320 First OfficerA seasoned First Officer with over 10,000 hours on the A320 family. Holds an EASA license and is immediately available. Based in Portugal.PNABK/01January
A320 First OfficerAn EASA rated First Officer with over 600 hours and immediately available.KWABK/12December
A320 CaptainA very competent captain with almost 9,000 hours total time with 4,000 of those as PIC. Immediately available. Fluent in English, Danish with conversational Swedish and German.RDABK/12December
Spanish A320 First OfficerFirst Officer based in Spain. Available for new opportunities with a very short notice. Type rating on the A320, valid until August 2018.AGABK/12December
Spanish A320/340 Captain (EASA)EASA A340 Captain (also rated on A320) who has been in a position of chief training pilot on the A340. ICAO level 6 in English and 6 in Spanish as well. Immediately available.DQLGH/12December
Spanish B737 CaptainCaptain with over 4,000 hours on the NG and 3,000 as FO. Currently looking for a new position as there is a risk of redundancy, due to bases being closed. Fluent in Spanish and English.DRHE/12December
A320 First Officer600 hours total time. Immediately available. EASA License is valid until June next year. ICAO 5 in English, fluent in Polish with basic German.KWABK/12December
B737 Captain and InstructorCaptain with over 8,000 hours on the B737 – EFIS. Currently working freelance as a B737 Instructor, therefore available with sort notice. ICAO level 6 in English with Basic French.AWHE/12December
A320 Captain (ICAO & FAA)Nearly 7,000 hours on A320 and available from 01st January and open to relocation, although ideally prefers a base in the United States. Holds a FAA licence.IKGH/12December
ATR42/72 Spanish Speaking CaptainExperienced Pilot with over 7000 PIC hours on ATR (EASA) and open to new opportunities. Fluent in English, Portuguese & Spanish.EDCGH/11November
ATR42/72 CaptainAn EASA licensed Captain with over 3500 hours under his belt, open to hearing about opportunities as well as relocating. Currently employed with a notice period of 3 months.ONABK/11November
ATR 42/72 Captain & TREExperienced Captain and TRE. Currently working for a large cargo operator, on the ATR 500. Has FO experience, 600 series. Fluent in Spanish and English.
Looking for a commuting contract or base in Spain, with a 3-month negotiable notice period.
CRJ 700/1000 PilotHolder of both EASA and FAA ATPL. Last flight on the CRJ in May 2018. Over 3,500 hours on the CRJ and experience in the A320 with over 4,000 hours as First officer.
Available with 2 weeks’ notice. Fluent in English, French and conversational Spanish.
CRJ 200/700/900 Pilot and TRI/TRE & Chief Pilot on B767EASA ATPL TRE/TRI on CRJ series and current LPC May 2019 Instructor and examiner with Lufthansa.
Over 7,000 captain hours on CRJ types. Available with 2 weeks’ notice. Fluent in German and English level 6. Looking for long haul flying or working as an Examiner.
CRJ200 CaptainEASA rated captain who boasts an impressive 3,600 hours accumulated on the CRJ200 alone. Currently flying the B737. Immediately available after 12th November which is the expiration date of his existing contract. BLABK/11November
Learjet 20/30 Captain 879 hours PIC on Learjet 35/55 and 3,551 FO hours on type in total. Renewing type rating in December 2018. Available for new opportunities after March 2019.MRHE/10October
Learjet 60 Captain Captain with 2,500 command hours on type and total time of 6,400. Also holds VIP Experience. Looking for a commuting contract and stable roster.GSHE/10October
Learjet 40/45 & 75 FOEASA qualified FO with a passion for flying. Over 500 hours on type and has a flexible, short notice period to permit a swift turnaround. ICAO 6 in English and ICAO 6 Danish.LKABK/10October
Learjet 20/30 & Falcon 50 CaptainExperienced Learjet Pilot with over 20 years’ experience flying for government officials. Available with a notice period of 2-3 months.ZKGH/10October
A320/330/340 TRI/TRE & Chief PilotPilot with over 20 years’ experience within the aviation industry and 10 years within a managerial role.SMGH/10October
E190 Captain/TRIAn experienced EASA certified Captain with over 1,900 hours on type. Relocation to anywhere worldwide is a welcomed adventure. Accompanied by a very brief notice period this candidate can provide a rapid turnaround if required.AVABK/10October
B767 First Officer and C604 CaptainRated on the B767 and CL604, this candidate has experience working with VIP clients and has 2,904 hours on the B767 and 120 PIC hours on the CL604. Available with 4 weeks’ notice. ELP level 6 and fluent in German.HAHE/10October
B737 NG and B777 First Officer1,980 hours on the NG and 2,800 hours on the B777. Actively looking for opportunities. Holds level 6 in English and French. AAHE/10October
G450/550 Captain and Chief Pilot – (VIP)3,000 hours on type currently holding FAA licence as well as Brazilian ICAO. Fluent Italian and Portuguese with ELP level 4. Looking for a commuting contract.RDPHE/09September
Gulfstream Captain & TRI/TRE InstructorOver 5,000 hours PIC on different variants of Gulfstream and currently employed in a full-time position. Interested in TRI/TRE instructing positions for short-term as well as ferry flights. Based in Germany.TKKH/09
G450 Captain & Lead Captain2,000 hours combined on G450/550 with FAA licence. Also experienced on other aircrafts such as CRJ and Dash 8. Available immediately. Looking for commuting contract.JBHE/09September
G450/550 Captain2,750 PIC hours and 2,500 First Officer hours. One-month notice period. Seeking a full-time commuting role. Fluent in German and English.RFHE/09September
Citation XLS Pilot15 years flying the XLS/ Excel with over 3,207 hours on type. Fluent in English and Dutch. Current ICAO rating has expired, but candidate is happy to renew the rating at his own cost. Available for immediate start.AHCG/09September
Citation 500, 550 & 560 Pilot12 years’ experience flying, gaining 1,050 hours. Type rated until May 2019. ICAO level 6 English, fluent in Danish and has basic level skills in another three languages.PPCG/09September
Citation Excel C56X PilotA co-pilot on the C56X actively looking for new opportunities in the market due to the end of a current contract. Based in Germany. ICAO 5 in English, ICAO 6 in German and fluent in Persian as well. Available immediately.RTTAG/09September

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