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Executive Search

Our executive search service is so much more than just headhunting! With robust and thorough selection processes aligned with each client’s specific needs, we provide comprehensive search and selection at the very highest level.


Executive Search


Executive search is a core part of our business and we excel by taking a unique, yet carefully considered approach. We aim to understand each business’ strategic goals and vision, to help us identify the specific leadership competencies needed to meet those objectives, as well as the interpersonal skills required to respect and nurture company culture. 

Our executive search and C-level recruitment experts have helped many aviation organisations source key members of their senior leadership teams. We know it is not enough to simply find the right level of experience, but also to find inspirational and passionate leaders capable of taking a company and its employees to the next level.

Our approach utilises both passive and active talent from our established worldwide network of relationships grown over the last 15 years. This exclusive network of individuals is made up of talent at the highest level, who have honed their skills specifically within the aviation industry.

Combining our collective business leadership expertise, with our proven executive search and assessment process and inclusive psychometric testing, we are perfectly placed to source leaders who best fit your organisation’s unique needs. With options for retained, interim and contingent models, as well as the ability to draw up bespoke methods to dovetail with a client’s internal process, we have solutions to fit every business.

Our candidate network is extensive, and our clients benefit from an increased reach into niche talent pools. We are extremely experienced in organising and running high-volume face to face or virtual candidate assessment days and aviation roadshows. We work closely with clients to manage campaign process, organise venues, engage with candidates and deploy resources, all to ensure only the highest calibre candidates attending events and deliver maximum conversion.

Find out what our clients say about AeroProfessional's Aviation Executive Search
Find out what our candidates say

I was invited to an open day in Abu Dhabi with AeroProfessional and Hi Fly. The day was well organised, started with a quick introduction followed by a detail presentation about the opportunity including; rostering, days off, salary, career opportunity and lifestyle - that at the end is what a pilot is looking for. 
We had time for some open question and then a personal chat with one representative of Hi Fly and one from AeroProfessional to discuss personal matters - as everyone has different needs I liked this part a lot, I had the chance to discuss my personal situation and be seen as a person and not just a number in a company. The recruiting process went smooth, when I had a doubt, I simply sent an email or called and immediately had clarification. Once I had joined the team flew out to Lisbon met us during the ground training to have a look and see if our expectations were met, and Yes, they are.



Our experience tells us that in most cases, the best candidates at upper management level do not respond to job advertisements, so it is vital to utilise connections from an already established passive network. By joining with AeroProfessional you can indirectly access the best industry talent without the time and investment usually associated with organically building this type of network.

Adhering to our best practice policy, we treat all of our candidate and client communications with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. If you are a business looking to make permanent or interim senior board-level appointments, including leadership restructuring,  speak to our specialists today to access our unique worldwide aviation talent pool.

Or if you’d like to review some of our testimonials from clients and candidates, we’d be happy to provide you with a selection from our feedback library.

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