How Cutting Recruitment Costs in the Wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic can Damage Aviation Companies

Discover why cutting recruitment costs to aid your Covid-19 recovery can be a false economy unless achieved with the expertise of a trusted aviation recruitment specialist.


In an industry hit hard by Covid-19 such as aviation, cutting recruitment costs is an appealing proposition.

However, get this wrong and you’ll end up with a false economy. Your service standards, operability and employee retention rate will quickly decline, dwarfing any potential savings.

Here, we’ll look at how aviation companies could suffer from cutting recruitment costs. Then, we’ll tell you how you can streamline your hiring processes without increasing risk.

What cutting recruitment costs can mean for aviation companies

Here’s an overview of how cutting recruitment costs could have a detrimental effect on your aviation company:

  • Paying for a basic job advertisement and limited range of host sites will narrow your pool of applicants vastly, limiting your chances of finding the best value hires.
  • Skimping on your employer brand or employment package is likely to leave you with less experienced applicants who aren’t in demand among your competitors.
  • Staff of this calibre can jeopardise your service standards and/or safety record, leading to negative PR that undermines your commercial operations.
  • They’re also likely to be less productive and proactive, meaning less of your processes will be covered for the same cost.
  • Lower quality applicants or retention processes lead to higher staff turnover, making your recruitment cost per person higher and causing you to go back to the job market sooner.
  • This can lead to a loss of company-specific knowledge, skills and training, which could even be shared with competitors to give them an advantage.
  • Candidates will share a poor experience with friends, relatives and colleagues, causing you to lose a number of potential future customers.
  • Cutting back on succession planning could leave your business vulnerable if your best talent is poached.

How aviation companies can cut recruitment costs without compromising on quality

Partnering with a trusted, knowledgeable aviation recruitment provider is key to streamlining your recruitment expenditure while gaining both agility and scalability.

These are just some of the ways AeroProfessional can help you cut costs while enhancing your recruitment capabilities:

  • Use only the recruitment services you need, when you need them; you’ll only pay for successful recruitment rather than permanent hires that could be a risk in the long term.
  • Establish strategies for specific hiring initiatives to ensure your processes are properly scaled.
  • Save on search time and resources by accessing a pool of talented, pre-vetted aviation applicants.
  • Avoid the expenditure associated with advertising on multiple job boards – we’ll absorb these costs.
  • Gain unique industry knowledge that will help you make cost-effective, strategic hiring decisions fast.
  • Secure added value through our unique range of additional services, including compliance advice and flight operations support. We can also introduce you to VettingGateway, a simple to use online background checking tool that can help to reduce the cost of onboarding and reference checking.

So, if you’re looking to recruitment for recovery post pandemic and would like to reduce your costs, don’t simply create a cheaper version of your existing model. Instead, redeploy your resources more effectively while enhancing your hiring credentials by partnering with a specialist aviation recruiter like AeroProfessional.

Optimise your aviation recruitment strategy while streamlining your hiring costs by speaking to the experts at AeroProfessional.


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