How to start planning recruitment to sustain growth in aviation

Adapt your aviation recruitment to sustain growth and fly towards a bright horizon with a little help from the expert team at AeroProfessional.


You need a specialised approach towards recruitment to sustain growth in aviation, but the payoff will be significant.

Here, we’ll introduce you to the risks associated with expansion, and provide actionable tips for developing a recruitment strategy that sustains growth.

Fast growth is desirable, but comes with risk

Growth brings many benefits; additional revenue and enhanced reputation to name but a few.

However, this potential is also counterbalanced by risks that could stall growth (or worse), including:

  • The USPs that make your services desirable – exemplary customer service or flawless track record for timeliness – become diluted
  • The processes you’ve relied on and grown accustomed to don’t scale up in the intended manner
  • Small procedural quirks or faults rapidly become magnified, resulting in operational disruption, delays and loss of reputation

To mitigate these risks, you need to optimise your recruitment to sustain growth in the long-term from the earliest possible stage.

Adapt your recruitment to sustain growth long-term

These are the key points you should consider when developing a strategy that enables your recruitment to sustain growth in the long-term:

1) Standardise your processes

Define clear policies and guidelines with which to administer your recruitment processes.

Profile your ideal candidates, automate basic tasks where possible and establish suitable time-frames for all stages.

This will streamline your recruitment process, ensure you consider all applicants equally and give you the option to scale up recruitment when needed.

2) Develop your employer brand

Market your job vacancies and employer credentials in a similar way to how you promote your services by:

  • Adapting your job ads to match the motivations of the applicants you want for each position
  • Developing an online presence via a dedicated employer site/page and social media
  • Promoting your employees’ stories and a healthy, supportive working atmosphere
  • Ensuring all candidate communications are answered quickly and politely

This will help attract prospective applicants and make you a more desirable employer, helping you fill capacity on demand.

3) Ask staff for referrals

In aviation, staff tend to build networks that reach far beyond their current employer.

Utilise these networks to find experienced applicants who would be a good fit for your airline by incentivising your current employees to make referrals.

These referrals should act as a form of reference for applicant credentials and help you save on overall recruitment costs.

4) Develop talented employees

When you spot talent, hold onto it and nurture it.

  • Providing training and opportunities for progression are effective ways to:
  • Encourage long-term loyalty
  • Enhance the skills available to you
  • Cultivate a reputation that will attract additional applicants

In combination, this should give you access to a broader base of highly motivated aviation employees.

5) Work with external partners

Going it alone is unlikely to give you the recruitment capacity you need to grow.

Instead, look to forge partnerships with external bodies, including:

  • A specialist aviation recruiter
  • Education and training providers
  • Other aviation companies

This will help to ensure you have a reserve of applicants to call on when needed.

Set up your recruitment to sustain growth by leveraging these techniques, and your company can look forward to a bright future in aviation.

Get your aviation company set for growth by updating your recruitment strategy and augmenting your hiring processes with AeroProfessional.

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