Increasing demand sparks UK airport hiring rush

Find out about UK airport hiring in 2018; increasing demand is making aviation recruitment more important than ever.


UK airport hiring got off to a flying start in 2018, with a host of regional facilities announcing major recruitment initiatives.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at some of the biggest UK airport hiring drives announced so far. Then, we’ll discuss what this level of demand indicates about the European aviation market.

UK airport hiring takes off in 2018

These are the most significant hiring initiatives announced so far in 2018:

1) Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport has been preparing for its busiest year yet by hosting a recruitment day aimed at filling over 600 vacancies.

In addition to roles with Manchester Airport itself, various other companies including Swissport, Boots and HMSHost were looking to hire for positions including retail assistants, security officers, drivers and customer service agents.

The airlines were hiring too, with Thomas Cook Airlines and aiming to snap up new cabin crew and pilots.

2) East Midlands Airport

Following the travails of 2017, Ryanair has attempted to get back on its feet by hosting two major recruitment events at East Midlands Airport.

The company set out to hire 200 new cabin crew staff to service bases across the country (although, many will remain at East Midlands Airport itself).

These events took place on 26 April and 14 May. However, additional events will take place in Manchester and London up to the end of May.

3) Newcastle Airport

Newcastle Airport has attempted to heighten security by hiring an undisclosed number of new security officers.

The airport guaranteed security roles to all successful applicants who pass a three-week training course scheduled for June. These applicants will also be awarded a certificate in ‘aviation ground security’ by the Department for Transport.

Not only this, but the airport has agreed to cover the full cost of this applicant training through a series of staged payments.

What do these initiatives indicate about the European aviation market?

With UK airport hiring riding high in 2018, it’s crucial to understand the wider trends that are affecting the European aviation market.

As these figures indicate, demand for air travel is growing rapidly in Europe, and only looks set to increase further. To satisfy this demand and underpin continued growth, Boeing estimates that the market will require 95,000 new commercial pilots by 2034.

However, with the pilot skills shortage impacting Europe more than most other aviation markets, the key question is “Who will fly these new aircraft?”.

We’ve covered this topic and more in our latest white paper: ‘Grounded before take-off: EU regional pilot shortage perspective two years on’. Download your free copy to truly get to grips with this trend.

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