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ATR42/72 Captain and First Officer

[FD 1305]
Flight Deck  |  Manta Air  |   Maldives  |  Permanent  |  As per notice period

Benefits Package

aeropro_bullet_image  Based on qualifications and experience

aeropro_bullet_image  Negotiable salary

Job Description

Manta Air officially started their operations in February 2019. Come and join Manta Air on a fresh journey flying within and into some of the worlds most beautiful islands. This too, with a fleet of brand new ATR72-600 Aircraft.

White beaches, sunny weather, palm trees, sounds like a holiday right? It could be your next work place! Coming back to such normality as a reward after each hard day of work should entice you to think carefully about where you next consider flying the ATR42/72. We invite you to consider the opportunities we have to offer.

Please follow the links provided below to the applications forms which are required to be sent to careers@mantaair.mv

Role Requirements

aeropro_bullet_image  EASA/ICAO ATPL/CPL(ATPL Theory and Instrument Rating, if only First Officer CPL)

aeropro_bullet_image  Minimum 200 hours on ATR72-600 with 500 hours total on any ATR types (Captain must be PIC)

aeropro_bullet_image  Minimum 1500 Hours Total time (Captain must have 5000 Hours Total time)

aeropro_bullet_image  Last flight/LPC/OPC on type within the last 6 months

Application Process

The Manta Air team look forward to receiving your applications at careers@mantaair.mv in the form of a filled application form which can be found by following the links given below:

Captains click here

First Officers click here.