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Deputy Chief Flight Instructor / Tatenhill Operations Manager

Reference: FD1688

Flight Deck Aerobility Permanent Blackbushe Immediate

Benefits Package

  • Upto £30,000 per year
  • 37.5 hours per week

Job Description

We are proud and delighted to be supporting our partner charity, Aerobility with their recruitment needs. This is an exciting opportunity for somebody that loves aviation and wants to help the Aerobility charity. Aerobility is a leading disability charity, based at Blackbushe Airport near Camberley on the Hampshire Surrey border. Aerobility uses the challenges of flight and exposure to aviation as a tool for improving the lives of those with a disability. Whatever the age or whatever the disability, be it physical, learning or mental, or an injury acquired in conflict – Aerobility gives everyone the chance to fly and participate in aviation orientated activities. Aerobility operates adapted aircraft, supporting equipment and specialist instruction to ensure access for all. The charity also acts as a representative body for disabled aviators working with regulators and the aerospace industry to promote access and awareness.

The aim of this key role is to ensure effective and safe delivery of professional flight and ground instruction for the provision of trial flights, aviation experiences, flight training and disability support services offered by Aerobility at Tatenhill Airport, Staffordshire.

This will include managing Aerobility’s operation at Tatenhill airport, including asset maintenance – currently a Piper PA-28 aircraft and mobility equipment.
We require you to be able to instruct in the UK and most of all be adaptable in your approach to teaching. Aerobility cover a full spectrum of disabled flying so can offer a great opportunity for adaptable instructing techniques.

A quote from one of our part-time instructors sums up what he thinks of working at Aerobility: 'Instructing for Aerobility is the best instructing role I've ever had - competitive pay and genuinely gives me more daily satisfaction than any other flying I do or have done.'

Key tasks:
1. To maintain training standards within the PPL syllabus and the LAPL syllabus, training for additional ratings and supporting ground-based training such as Aviation Education Programme and Aspiring Pilot Program for vocational qualifications as defined by Aerobility
2. To undertake all flying duties associated with Aerobility, which include trial flight experiences, instructional flights, positioning flights, flying days and any other charity flights as required to ensure that appropriate standards and legalities are adhered to
3. To ensure that the Aerobility Aircraft and other assets are maintained in accordance with the maintenance schedule
4. To participate as required to develop adaptive technology for disabled pilots, such as hoists and hand controls
5. Challenge existing practice and identify new and better ways of working in order to accelerate Aerobility towards providing accessible flying and flying education.
6.Ensure services are delivered in a cost effective and timely manner whilst ensuring that safety standards are not compromised
7. Ensure that services are delivered in accordance with the Aerobility Safety Management System
8. Maintenance and provision of a training library, student records, both electronic and paper and Aerobility CRM Salesforce
10. Attend appropriate Aerobility events, not just in a flying capacity, but also to support fundraising and representing flight operations to the public and potential sponsors

To apply, please email your covering letter and CV to

Role Requirements

  • A sound understanding of the CAA regulations
  • Experience and knowledge of the PPL(A) and LAPL(A) syllabus
  • A current CAA FI licence and a CPL(A) / ATPL(A
  • Collaborative working style with a clear focus on delivering outcomes
  • Ability to deliver PPL(A) theory effectively to Aerobility students, either one to one or on a group basis.

Application Process

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Dean O'Sullivan
Recruitment Delivery Manager

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