Johan Mialon



Full Name: Johan Mialon

Current Role: Flight Ops Inspector

Client: French CAA


An AeroProfessional Success Story celebrates the achievements and of an individual candidate, discusses their current role  and how they felt about their AeroProfessional experience.

What was the first aircraft you learnt to fly in?

The very first one was a glider, an ASK13.

What started your love for aviation and how did your journey as a pilot begin?

I came through the easy way, my father was an airline captain, so I grew up surrounded by aviation. I had the chance to fly a lot with him, so I’ve never had to question myself about what to do later on, it was obvious.

As a Canadian citizen, I’ve started my pilot course in Montreal. I had some good times; it was a great place and the approach of aviation over there was quite pragmatic. I used to fly there after my graduation for around one year, performing executive flights on a turboprop aircraft (Cheyenne 2) across Canada and the USA. And also paradrop flights. A great experience.

Then back to France to get the ATPL, license conversion, and first Jetliner job, on a B737-300. Then my pilots’ life made its way, Airbus 320, captaincy, instructor and examiner ratings, Head of Training Deputy, Head of Flight Operations, Accountable Manager Deputy, company change with a role of Head of Flight Ops, thanks to AeroProfessional, and now Flight Ops Inspector within French CAA, still flying on A330.

What would you say was your biggest concern(s) when looking for a new pilot role?

Frankly I was not looking for a new role, I left my Head of Flight Ops position to re-center my life on flying and having some more time with my family. However, then AeroProfessional came to me via social network, they were looking for a Head of Flight Ops position. That’s how it worked, having the right experience and qualifications often do the job search for you. And getting the right qualifications and experience is achieved via professionalism and commitment.

How did AeroProfessional help to remove your concerns and make your experience positive?

In this process, one of the most noticeable things, is that I had only one contact with AeroProfessional. The person in charge of my recruitment was the only one to deal with me. It was a great thing to feel confident.

Why would you say AeroProfessional are different to other agencies that you have experienced?

They always reply.

Over your time with AeroProfessional, what would you say we have done best?

Clear and confident communication. And a really good follow-up.

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