Jürgen Riedel



Full Name: Jürgen Riedel

Current Role: A340 Captain

Client: Hi Fly


An AeroProfessional Success Story celebrates the achievements and of an individual candidate, discusses their current role  and how they felt about their AeroProfessional experience.

What was the first aircraft you learnt to fly in?

Besides gliders in the early days, I started flying on an ultralight type called Mistral shortly before I buzzed around in Cessna 150s.

What started your love for aviation and how did your journey as a pilot begin?

When I was a child, an article in a stack of my Dad’s magazines about bush flying in Alaska grabbed my attention.Shortly after I started, I found myself in the middle of every sort of aerial work, for whatever reason I was luckily in the right place at the right time, meeting the right people.

I was doing paradropping, scenic flying, island hopping, banner and glider towing, ferry flights and even met a guy who wanted to take aerial pictures of almost every single new house in northwest Germany with me.

Building hours and experience led soon to commercial aviation on small twin piston/turboprop aircrafts, later to small business jets.

The company sold the last one, so I started more stability in my roster and bank account, ending up in the cockpit of Germany’s second largest airline.

While still enjoying the professional environment of an airline cockpit every day, I live my dream of flying smaller aircraft and helicopters in my time off.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The long haul part! I guess that’s what aviation is made for, going the long distance.

Tell us about one of your best days at work in your current job…

You wake up in a place you’ve never been before, gather your crew, start up, spread wings, cross the pond, brief a destination you’ve never seen before, arriving in a whole new climate, time zone, culture…

What would you say were your biggest concerns when looking for a new pilot role?

As we all know, it’s not only finding a new company, the company has to find you! That might be challenging in a downsizing/consolidating market.

After all, that’s just opening the door, finding yourself in a quarter to half a year of ground school, type rating, simulator, line training and checking.

How did AeroProfessional help to remove your concerns and make your experience positive?

AeroProfessional was holding a roadshow in front of our door in Keflavik, where we just got laid off.

They created a warm, welcoming atmosphere from the start, facilitating the whole selection process with their client.

Have you tried other recruitment agencies?

Yes, I was working through another agency with my last employer.

Why would you say AeroProfessional are different to other agencies that you have experienced?

From my experience AeroProfessional is more personal, closer to the employee, taking care of concerns/mails/issues on time.

Over time with AeroProfessional, what would you say you’ve done best?

Facilitation of/guiding through the application and selection process.

Good communication!

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