Land your dream job in aviation by getting a specialist recruiter on your side

Discover all the things a specialist recruiter can do to increase your chances of landing that dream job in aviation with AeroProfessional.


Land your dream job in aviation by getting a specialist recruiter on your side


Getting a job in aviation can be tough, but a specialist recruiter will vastly increase your odds of climbing the next rung on your career ladder.

In this blog, we’ll tell you all about the wonderful ways a specialist recruiter like AeroProfessional can add value to your job search.

5 reasons a specialist recruiter makes it easier to secure a job in aviation

Here’s just a selection of the many ways a specialist recruiter can help you get a new job in aviation:

1) You’ll make it easier for employers to find you

Aviation employers trust specialist recruiters to maintain a pool of high quality candidates with all the skills needed to add value. That’s why we’re the first port of call for many.

We take a proactive approach towards reaching out to employers, so can put you forward for jobs as soon as recruiters identify a vacancy – often before the role is posted on a job listing site.

We also handle all checks and vetting in advance, so you can get started in no time.

2) You’ll acquire an authoritative advocate

Aviation employers want to be sure they’re choosing the best candidate for the role.

You can certainly sell yourself through your CV and cover letter. However, you’ll find it tough to nudge ahead of the rest of the pack on these alone.

When you register with AeroProfessional, we’ll advocate on your behalf to prospective employers. We’ll help them see your unique qualities, understand how you meet their specific requirements and fit with their company ethos.

3) You’ll gain valuable insights into recruitment processes

We process thousands of applications. So, we know exactly what it takes to ‘wow’ aviation employers (and, how to fall at the first hurdle).

We’ll use this experience to help you perfect your:

With all this, and an improved understanding of how aviation employers hire, you’ll stand the best possible chance of landing your dream job in aviation.

4) You can adopt a more long-term career view

Our expertise doesn’t just end with getting a job. We can also provide you with useful guidance on optimising your career progression.

We’ll explain the professional qualifications and experience needed to take the next steps in your career. We can give you honest, transparent advice about whether specific jobs are the right option for achieving your career goals.

5) You’ll scale up your search with administrative support

Applying for aviation jobs is an intensive process, demanding hours of time and effort.

Going it alone means taking on this whole burden yourself. But, working with a specialist aviation recruiter helps you share the load. We can:

Make sure your record is always complete and fully up-to-date
Search for jobs on your behalf – contacting employers, trawling listing sites and any other relevant locations
Liaise with employers to make them aware of your availability and talents

With all these benefits and so many others to look forward to, you need an aviation recruiter on your side to help enhance your career prospects.

Secure your ideal job in aviation by calling on AeroProfessional, the aviation recruitment specialists.

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