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In Review:
Pilot Hiring in 2023

Study reveals key indicators of a fiercely competitive hiring landscape 

A more competitive market than ever for pilots

As the end of another busy summer season approaches for our European clients, we’re reflecting on this year’s pilot hiring programmes, which saw a more competitive market than ever for pilots, with unprecedented demand across the industry.

This huge surge in demand is what prompted us to reach out to our pilot community to gain their unique insights in to what 2023 held for them, so that in turn we can provide you with the intelligence you need to inform your decision-making for 2024 and beyond.

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The Results

The results of our pilot survey revealed key indicators of a fiercely competitive hiring landscape...

  • Almost two thirds of pilots were already employed when they attended 2023 assessments

  • Over 60% of pilots attended more than one assessment, with 20% attending four or more

  • Almost 60% of pilots received more than one offer, with over 20% receiving four or more

  • Only around 1 in 10 pilots returned to the same airline they had flown for in the previous year

Recruitment, retention and attrition continue to drive the conversation...

...But in such a candidate-led market, how can you stay ahead of the competition?

  • Start earlier than you think: Others will start earlier next time to try and get ahead, so don’t leave it too late to start your 2024 hiring programme.

  • Consider what you’re offering: The survey results suggest that a combination of factors drive a pilot’s decision to accept an offer, not just basic pay. Competitors will be considering the overall package on offer to try and appeal to a wider pool of candidates.

  • Work with hiring experts: Achieve maximum success by working with a specialist aviation recruitment partner, who will use their vast experience to advise and deliver the right solution for you.  

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Employee Value Proposition (EVP):

The Complete Guide to Creating your EVP in the Aviation Industry

The industry faces an ongoing labour shortage across many of its critical roles, leaving airlines and aircraft operators grappling for talent amid accelerating passenger demand. 

That's why our experts at AeroProfessional have published the ultimate guide to creating your EVP, an essential component of your hiring strategy.


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This year we've worked in partnership with more operators than ever to help them secure the pilots needed for their flight schedules. This means we understand the market, we know the challenges, and we know how to overcome them to deliver successful outcomes for both our clients and our candidates. 

Let's start the conversation now by talking through your flight crew hiring needs for 2024. Get in touch with our expert team today for a quick initial chat.

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