Reduce attrition: Preventing the post-New Year aviation exodus

Discover a host of ways to reduce attrition in aviation, minimise the New Year exodus and start 2018 with confidence.


Taking steps to reduce attrition is important all-year round, but rarely more so than immediately after the Christmas break.

The traditional New Year aviation staff exodus can be particularly damaging to airline operations, so you need to come up with a strategy to ensure you keep your best employees in place.

Whether you’re a smaller carrier facing a brain drain, or a larger carrier with an established operational reputation to maintain, there are always steps you can take to reduce attrition.

What can I do to reduce attrition in the New Year?

We’ve compiled a host of tips to help you reduce attrition. Some relate to New Year retention specifically, others you can use throughout the year:

1) Recognise staff sacrifices over Christmas

20% of workers don’t feel valued over the Christmas period. This could be caused by a combination of increased workload, additional spending and events to organise/attend.

Ensure you have stress-relieving measures and staff counselling in place to help employees cope.

You could also consider a financial reward of some type. However, 84% of workers state that even a non-financial Christmas perk would encourage them to work harder (source: Interact).

2) Provide regular training/development

Career progression opportunities are among the most important motivating factors for aviation staff today.

Professional training and development initiatives act as more than a reward. They’re an endorsement of your belief in employees’ skills and desire for them to achieve their long-term employment goals.

Survey your staff to find out more about the areas in which they want to improve. Consider how you can deploy your in-house resources to help, and establish agreements with training providers to fill in any gaps.

3) Hire staff selectively

Find staff who are a better fit, to reduce the chances of them leaving come January.

Choose the best staff for your aviation company specifically. Ensure they’re aligned with your ethos, training/development capabilities and growth trajectory.

Look beyond qualifications and type ratings. Try to assess potential hires on less tangible qualities such as diligence, patience and a desire to contribute towards improving processes/working conditions.

4) Create a festive atmosphere

42% of workers cite December as the most stressful time of year (source: Interact), with increased workload/longer hours being the single biggest contributing factor.

The Christmas passenger rush is a potentially lucrative inevitability. However, you can help alleviate the stress felt around this time by injecting an element of festive fun.

Think about decorating offices, arranging social gatherings, allowing cabin crew to don a few festive items or setting up a Christmas-themed charity initiative.

EasyJet and Stobart Aviation have already raised over £12,000 with their own Christmas charity event. 160 children were given the chance to fly with ‘Santa and his elves’, for a festive day to remember!

Initiatives such as these remind staff that their role can literally change lives, and will encourage them to feel invested in the future of your company.

5) Partner with aviation employment experts

Partner with AeroProfessional to receive expert advice on how to reduce attrition in aviation.

We can help you identify potential pain points that could cause staff to leave in the new year, then adopt and promote processes to address them.

Some degree of staff turnover is almost guaranteed, however. Fortunately, we also have the scalable recruitment resources and pool of high-calibre candidates you need to make up any staff shortfall, fast.

Reduce attrition and recruit the aviation staff you need to fill any gaps quickly with a little help from the experts at AeroProfessional.

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