George Henson


George is the company’s longest serving Resourcer and has a highly successful reputation running both large volume and niche recruitment campaigns. He had a keen interest in aviation before joining AeroProfessional, with his father being a pilot, and felt that AeroProfessional presented an existing opportunity to pursue his interests.

George is also proud to be the Airbus specialist at AeroProfessional , being the primary point of contact for all candidates looking for Airbus opportunities. His vast experience in Airbus recruitment has seen him place hundreds of Airbus Pilots across the globe.

Prior to joining AeroProfessional, George had worked in a similar role which enabled him to develop his skills in communication, campaign management and recruitment processes.

In his spare time, George’s hobbies mostly consist of football and attempting to play golf.

Favourite Food: Curry
AeroProfessional Highlight: Managing the HiFly recruitment drive and placing over 60 candidates