Our candidates aren't just a number. We take the time to understand our aviation professionals and their personal circumstances, which is why 91% of our candidates rate us as 'good' to 'excellent'! Don’t just take our word for it, see what they have to say…

A selection of our clients

We are proud to both with large and small carriers across the globe, delivering high-quality professionals to meet their specific needs.

The team is really friendly and professional, they were able to walk me through the entire process of becoming Cabin Crew step by step, ensuring that I was comfortable and informed about everything I needed to know. I would suggest AeroProfessional to anyone seeking a job in the aviation industry because they helped me find the perfect airline that fit all of my needs. CABIN CREW CANDIDATE
STUART RAWLINSON | B747 FIRST OFFICER During the COVID pandemic when we found out that we needed to find new employment, the amount of agencies promising the world on websites and social media was frightening. I spoke to each and went with personal recommendation and gut feeling. I was offered the role through AeroProfessional, who were most importantly honest about the role and expectations, efficient and available when paperwork was required, and now that I’m in the job, supportive, in terms of always being at the end of a phone to discuss anything. STUART RAWLINSON | B747 FIRST OFFICER - ASL
A.R.DIAZ DE ATAURI | A340 FIRST OFFICER I have tried other recruitment agencies but many times I feel like I am just a number. AeroProfessional are better because of the human resource, the team dealing with the applicants are approachable and they try to solve the issues and questions with the most efficiency possible. Over my time with AeroProfessional I would say that they try to provide their clients, the airlines, with the best pilots in the market. At the same time, they help the pilots to find the best place to work based on our professional profile. A.R.DIAZ DE ATAURI | A340 FIRST OFFICER - HI FLY
J.BUSKER | B777 FIRST OFFICER AeroProfessional have provided me with many great opportunities, one of them being a short-term contract with Ukraine international Airlines. They’re always available, and they are friendly, polite and professional. J.BUSKER | B777 FIRST OFFICER - UKRAINE INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES
N.CADET | CITATION MUSTANG PILOT AeroProfessional are really efficient, the team work hard during the pilot hiring process, calling regularly to follow up with each step and provide expert advice and support. N.CADET | CITATION MUSTANG PILOT - WIJET
G.BROWNE | A320 CAPTAIN The following days after my previous airline went out of business was a very difficult time for me. Despite this AeroProfessional were exceptional in assisting me find the right job. In a business flooded with recruitment personnel, a professional and personal touch is what made all the difference. This is what made Dean stand out as an exceptional person and an amazing asset to anyone looking for work. I would highly recommend! G.BROWNE | A320 CAPTAIN - BRUSSELS AIRLINES
S.D.BELLUCCI | B737 FIRST OFFICER AeroProfessional assisted me in finding employment with Corendon Airlines in Turkey. Throughout the recruitment process they kept me up to date and made sure that everything went smoothly. I would recommend them to other pilots who are looking for new opportunities. S.D.BELLUCCI | B737 FIRST OFFICER - CORENDON AIRLINES
M.GIORIA | A330 CAPTAIN I was invited to an open day in Abu Dhabi with AeroProfessional and Hi Fly. The day was well organised, started with a quick introduction followed by a detail presentation about the opportunity including; rostering, days off, salary, career opportunity and lifestyle - that at the end is what a pilot is looking for. We had time for some open question and then a personal chat with one representative of Hi Fly and one from AeroProfessional to discuss personal matters - as everyone has different needs I liked this part a lot, I had the chance to discuss my personal situation and be seen as a person and not just a number in a company. The recruiting process went smooth, when I had a doubt, I simply sent an email or called and immediately had clarification. Once I had joined the team flew out to Lisbon met us during the ground training to have a look and see if our expectations were met, and Yes, they are. M.GIORIA | A330 CAPTAIN - HI FLY