Tips for how to write the perfect Pilot cover letter

With flight deck opportunities on the rise, our aviation recruitment specialists have put together their top tips for how to write the perfect Pilot cover letter, to help your application stand out to airline recruiters.


Tips for how to write the perfect Pilot cover letter!

The aviation industry has been through a turbulent time over the last year, dramatically impacting Pilot recruitment levels and leaving many outside of their favoured line of work, competing with many others in an aviation job search. However, with the roll out of vaccines and the gradual re-introduction of both international and domestic flights in many locations across the Globe, many Pilot recruitment opportunities are beginning to re-appear, making now the perfect time to ensure your application stands out from the crowd to airline recruiters!

Therefore, in this article our team of aviation recruitment specialists have put together their top tips for how to write the perfect Pilot cover letter, helping you stand out from the crowd when applying for flight deck opportunities…

Structure is key!

If there is one element of any Pilot job application aviation recruiters love to see when initially opening your documents, it is a structured, easy-to-read cover letter. This provides recruiters with an initial impression that you are an organised individual, that has taken the time to present your information in a professional and structured manner, providing an easy source for your key skills and personal attributes, thus generally making your application more of an appealing read.

Tailor your application with research!

An attribute that often frustrates aviation recruiters when reading any pilot job application is a generic, non-specific cover letter, or one that is clearly re-usable for multiple applications. Changing the name of the airline and a few keywords is easier to spot for recruiters than you might think, and this provides an initial impression to the recruiter that you have not taken the time to fully appreciate the employing airline, nor the nature of the opportunity at hand.

Pilots are in a key position of trust and authority, with an expensive aircraft and often a cabin of passengers or cargo at their control. Therefore, professionalism and an eye for detail are top features airline recruiters seek from any successful Pilot cover letter. Try to outline your specific reasons for wanting to join the particular airline you are applying to, and make sure the recruiter knows you have done your research on the organisation by providing examples of what you wish to achieve working with them.

Provide key aviation industry qualities you possess!

Airline recruiters will use your CV to identify your qualifications and statistical achievements, therefore a cover letter is a great opportunity to convey more of your personality and non-quantifiable achievements and personal attributes.

Are you a great time-keeper? Great working under-pressure? Allow your personality to show through a little more in your cover letter, without simply reiterating what your CV already details about your job experience. Airline recruiters enjoy having a full image of who they could be trusting with a job opportunity, therefore this a great chance to demonstrate any personal attributes that separate you from the rest of the crowd.

Discuss your future aspirations with the airline!

An attribute of a Pilot cover letter that airline recruiters love to see is outlined clear future aspirations their applicants hold with their airline. Demonstrate in your cover letter that you have researched the airlines internal development opportunities by providing real examples of what you would like to achieve working with them in the future, and ensure the recruiter understands what has made you apply to join their airline as opposed to another.

Should you make it to interview, this is also a key element of discussion to be prepared for, therefore for further tips on how to prepare for a pilot interview discover our tips for preparing for an aviation interview article!

Quality over quantity!

Try to keep your cover letter sharp. No airline recruiter wants to sit and read an essay before they move into the further detailed CV. That is why it is best to try to keep it to the point, but with sufficient information to give a positive image of yourself and your reasons for applying… leave the recruiter wanting to continue to read through your application.

Proof read everything!

As previously mentioned, aviation recruiters are looking for the most professional, trust-worthy, and thorough Pilots to join their fleet. This is why it is so important to check, check and check again on every detail of your cover letter before hitting send, making sure you’ve avoided any grammatical or language errors and ensuring you’ve included every attribute about yourself that you wish for the recruiter to know.

To summarise…

With the current climate of the aviation industry, there is likely to be high competition for all results that appear from an aviation job search. This is why taking the time to create a professional and tailored cover letter for each opportunity is incredibly important, to help your application stay in the mind of those it is most important to… the airline recruiters, hopefully guiding you to a return to the skies as soon as possible!

We hope you have enjoyed our tips on how to write the perfect pilot cover letter. For more pilot recruitment tips and aviation news visit our News for Candidates page. For all of our currently available flight deck opportunities visit our Aviation Jobs page, and for updates on new aviation jobs, relevant to your CV, register your candidate profile with us today!