Where are all the American Pilots:

We conducted a survey with FAA Licensed Pilots with American citizenship, to better understand their motivation for working outside of the United States. Our respondents proactively answered our survey to provide valuable insight, while detailing what factors would attract them back to the States.

In our survey a staggering 72% of respondents said that it was the right decision to leave and work outside the US, while a further 40% pilots stated that they had to leave their families back in the United States while working.
When we asked our pilots what factors would attract them to come back to the US, it was encouraging that salary did not feature in the top 10 factors, meaning that carriers who are unable to compete with far-east salaries can still attract home grown talent back to their airline.

This is a must read for all American airlines who are looking to attract and retain experienced pilots. The report provides valuable data and sentiment, as well as informing airlines about the most important factors of an employment package for American Pilots.

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Where are all the American Pilots
Where are all the American Pilots