Why you should be jetting off to Aviation Festival Asia with AeroProfessional

Find out all about Aviation Festival Asia, what's happening at this year's event and how you can meet with AeroProfessional over the course of the event.


We’re hugely excited to be sending a dedicated team to Aviation Festival Asia 2018.

Our team can’t wait to talk all things aviation with a whole new audience, and hear some of the finest speakers in the industry.

Whether you work in the aviation industry or are just an avid follower, this event is certain to have lots to offer!

Here, we’ll introduce you to Aviation Festival Asia and tell you all about what we have planned for the event. We hope to see you there!

What is Aviation Festival Asia?

Aviation Festival Asia is the largest and most influential event of its type on the continent.

First held in Singapore during 2004, attendee numbers have risen steadily from just 234 for the first event to 1,800 during 2017.

The festival established itself as a must-attend for low-cost carriers (LCCs) in its early years, but has since expanded to cover seven individual events, including:

  • World Low Cost Airlines Congress
  • AirXperience
  • Aviation IT Show
  • Air Retail Show
  • Aviation Human Capital
  • Aviation Marketing
  • Airport T.EX

Over 1,000 aviation industry representatives and 2,000 employees are booked to attend the 2018 gathering, which will take place at Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore, from 27-28 February.

Aviation Festival Asia 2018 will feature 100 exhibition booths (including our very own), 150 speakers, 24 round-table events and the chance to meet with senior aviation executives.

What is AeroProfessional doing at Aviation Festival Asia?

We want to touch base with as many people as we can during Aviation Festival Asia. We’ve got a great new message to share and have made ourselves as easy to find as possible!

As mentioned previously, we’ll be attending as exhibitors. You can come and speak to us at booth ‘G12’, or even book in for a consultation/one-to-one session. Booking a consultation couldn’t be easier, just register your interest by completing this form and we’ll be in touch.

Our very own director, Sam Sprules, will also be giving a talk on the theme of ‘Airline recruitment trends and challenges’ in the seminar hall at 16:30 on Tuesday 27 February. Come and watch for some expert insight, and feel free to come and speak with us afterwards.

AeroProfessional has evolved

Why have we decided to make the trip all the way from our Farnborough HQ? Well, we’ve got an exciting announcement to make.

Recruitment has always been our core focus. But, our team has a knowledge and passion for all things aviation. That’s why we’re excited to promote our full suite of strategic partnership services, including:

  • Flight operations
  • Engagement & compliance
  • Skills insight

We believe these services will have a great impact on aviation companies worldwide, but nowhere more so than in Asia. The potential for this market is vast, and our new approach is geared towards facilitating growth in such regions by:

  • Offering scalable, efficient recruitment solutions
  • Sharing our expertise with developing aviation markets
  • Providing services that are yet to be made available in certain markets
  • Using our contacts to offer practical services, like transferring aircraft

So, that’s our round-up of Aviation Festival Asia and our role in it. We can’t wait to see you there!

Come and meet AeroProfessional at Aviation Festival Asia, or call our UK-based team to fulfil all your aviation hiring needs.

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