Winning cabin crew personality traits

Choosing candidates with the right cabin crew personality traits is crucial for keeping passengers content and maintaining efficient operations.


Choosing candidates with the right cabin crew personality traits is crucial for keeping passengers content and maintaining efficient operations.

We’ve explored some of the basic traits cabin crew candidates should have, to give you a benchmark for the next time you’re hiring:


Your cabin crew are the face of your airline, and should be well-presented at all times.

Ensuring proper presentation begins with the basics: maintaining good personal hygiene and avoiding things like visible tattoos or unconventional piercings that could be seen as inappropriate.

This also extends to their uniform, which should be regularly washed/pressed and worn as per company guidelines.

Cabin crew should fit within your airline’s height and weight requirements, and take care to ensure standard-issue cosmetics are used.

Why presentation is so important for cabin crew:

  • Enhances airline’s brand, reputation and overall standards
  • Maintains sense of authority
  • Aligns with customer expectations
  • Follows proud industry tradition


Communication is key to establishing good passenger relations running an efficient service.

Cabin crew should be able to communicate with passengers in a clear, friendly and fluid way. For some airlines, it’s essential for crew to be multilingual, speaking the flag carrier’s native language as well as common languages like English, Spanish or French.

This quality also extends to body language, which should be positive, open and never confrontational.

Proactive, constructive communication with colleagues is also integral. This is the only way to ensure services run to schedule and all responsibilities are carried out effectively.

Why communication is critical for cabin crew:

  • Ensures instructions are given clearly
  • Makes customers feel happy and relaxed
  • Improves efficiency of the flight team
  • Helps passengers and crew adapt to unexpected situations


When operations become disorganised in aviation, the cost can be massive.

Cabin crew should be adept at organising passenger boarding, pre-flight checks, meal serving and other duties in an efficient, collaborative way.

This extends to emergency situations, when cabin crew should be able to organise a calm and ordered evacuation.

Cabin crew must be organised in their personal lives, too. This means always arriving on time, with the proper documentation to fly, as well as having the ability to handle a hectic working schedule.

Why organisation is key for cabin crew:

  • Keeps flights running to schedule
  • Ensures a calm, safe cabin
  • Enhances cabin crew quality of life
  • Improves response to emergency situations

These are just the most basic cabin crew personality traits. A professional aviation recruiter can help you find highly skilled and experienced cabin crew who can go above-and-beyond the basics to give your passengers an unforgettable experience.

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