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Biman Airlines utilises AeroProfessional’s executive search service for their CFO hiring

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Biman Airlines is the national flag carrier of Bangladesh founded in 1972. The airline offers domestic and international passenger flights, as well as cargo services throughout Asia and Europe. In XXXX, Biman was in the process of making some transformational changes to its operations, starting with the replacement of their Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Recognising the significance of this endeavour, the airline appointed AeroProfessional to lead the executive search process, ensuring the selection of the most qualified and experienced candidate for the role.


The airline aimed to enhance its operational efficiency and strengthen its competitiveness in both domestic and international aviation markets. As a key component of its strategic growth initiatives, Biman sought to hire a seasoned and highly qualified CFO. The ideal candidate would be tasked with leading the finance department and playing a crucial role in the company's expansion and financial prosperity. In addition, the candidate had to have extensive industry knowledge and experience, demonstrating successful financial management in aviation.


AeroProfessional is an experienced aviation recruitment firm with a highly specialised executive search division, working with clients in the UK and from all over the globe. The consultancy has a strong network of C-level professionals in the field, with extensive experience and expertise. AeroProfessional pays great attention to quality and strives to match clients with candidates who not only possess the necessary skills and qualifications, but also those who fit seamlessly into the company culture.


Biman Airlines partnered with AeroProfessional to recruit a new CFO for their business. Given the specialist nature of the role, Biman had specific role requirements including a deep understanding of the wider market dynamics in Bangladesh and the broader Asian region, that could impact the CFO’s work. For example, currency fluctuations, fuel price volatility, and infrastructure limitations are all contributing factors to the challenges that the CFO may face in managing the airline’s finances. Recognising the role’s complexities, AeroProfessional conducted research on the challenges and dynamics, collaborating closely with Biman to identify the ideal candidate.


AeroProfessional initiated the information-gathering process from Biman’s internal team to understand their ideal CFO candidate. Subsequently, they interviewed Biman’s CEO, COO, and current CFO to explore strategic objectives, financial challenges, and desired leadership qualities for the new CFO. Further meetings with key stakeholders across departments provided insights into collaboration with the finance team and expectations for the new CFO. Additionally, AeroProfessional evaluated the talent pool within Biman’s regional and global competitors, assessing their CFO profiles and career paths to gain further insights into industry standards.


After profiling and researching the talent landscape for the CFO role, AeroProfessional outlined the essential skills required. The role specification emphasised industry knowledge, adaptability to the fast-changing aviation market, leadership qualities, and cultural fit for successful integration with Biman. The search and selection process involved collaboration between Biman and AeroProfessional, leveraging their network of C-level aviation professionals to identify suitable candidates.


AeroProfessional developed targeted marketing campaigns and engaged in industry events to connect with qualified CFO candidates. Using advanced search tools and databases, AeroProfessional expanded its reach to attract candidates with the right experience and achievements in their executive careers. Selected candidates underwent a multi-stage screening process, including detailed interviews, psychometric tests, and tailored reference checks, ensuring alignment with the aviation industry’s demands and Biman’s unique needs. Throughout the process, AeroProfessional maintained collaboration and transparent communication with Biman.


AeroProfessional’s targeted marketing and advertising campaigns attracted a large number of exceptionally qualified and diverse candidates. AeroProfessional identified and selected the ones that fit the CFO profile that Biman had specified. The shortlisted candidates had the necessary financial skills, leadership abilities, and demonstrated a strong grasp of the aviation industry, especially in emerging markets.


Biman chose their ideal candidate, a seasoned CFO with extensive experience in leading the finance function of a major Asian airline. With a wealth of expertise, the new CFO seamlessly integrated into Biman’s team and organisation culture, swiftly becoming an invaluable asset. Demonstrating remarkable proficiency, the candidate made substantial contributions to Biman’s financial performance and played a pivotal role in achieving the airline’s strategic goals. 


Biman expressed their deep satisfaction with Aero Professional’s meticulous approach, industry knowledge, and the high calibre of the candidates presented. The tailored process employed by AeroProfessional met and exceeded Biman's expectations, resulting in a pool of highly qualified individuals. Biman's satisfaction also reflects the effectiveness of AeroProfessional's services and commitment to excellence in meeting the airline’s needs and improving their operations.

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They are serious and committed to the Executive Search sector which is demonstrated by their up-to-date and impressive network of C-level individuals and contacts within the airline world on every continent.

CFO at Biman Airlines

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