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AeroProfessional is a proud member of The Recruitment Network (TRN)

The Recruitment Network (TRN)

About Aviation TRN

The Recruitment Network is the ultimate support club for recruitment business leaders. Dedicated to providing amazing experiences and the best in-class support, TRN also strives to build resources and tools that help set best practice in the industry.

TRN provides a unique environment where every component of your recruitment business is challenged and benchmarked against industry best practice, where you can enjoy unlimited support from some of the recruitment industry’s most successful thought leaders and where recruitment business leaders work collaboratively to help each other improve performance, increase efficiencies and significantly grow profitability.

AeroProfessional and TRN

We were delighted to have joined TRN after a suggestion from one of our newly appointed board members, Simon Church, who also sits on the board of the TRN. It has supported all areas of our business from Finance and Sales, to Marketing and Recruitment. All departments can take advantage of the membership by way of attending specialist meetings, accessing the members portal and even joining specific instant messaging groups. The membership is a great opportunity to meet with those working in recruitment, especially across the same discipline. This time is used to discuss similar challenges and identify solutions for our business, as well as sharing new ideas and strategies to implement them.

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