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IATC overcomes Covid-19 obstacles utilising AeroProfessional’s expert support for recruiting Airframe and Powerplant instructors



IATC stands for the International Aviation Technical College, located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and operated by Aviation Australia Riyadh College (AARC). Established in 2014, IATC is dedicated to providing world-class training to future professionals in aircraft maintenance and engineering. In Autumn 2020, IATC sought the support of AeroProfessional for recruiting Airframe and Powerplant instructors to place in the Middle East. The niche nature of these roles meant that the recruitment process would need to be extremely targeted and focused, an area which AeroProfessional specialises in.


IATC’s previous recruitment efforts for Airframe and Powerplant instructors proved incredibly challenging due to the complex and specialised nature of the required skills. Despite extensive efforts, finding suitable candidates remained a daunting task for IATC. Moreover, the aviation industry was thrown into turmoil by the unprecedented crisis posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, exacerbating the already difficult recruitment landscape, particularly with the added lockdown restrictions that prevented travelling.


AeroProfessional is a recruitment consultancy with years of experience in the aviation industry. Throughout the years, AeroProfessional has successfully recruited thousands of candidates for airlines across the world, who have gone on to advance their careers in aviation. Experts in searching and selecting candidates from diverse sectors, AeroProfessional differentiates itself with its tailored approach to helping airlines find the most suitable candidates to meet their needs.


IATC enlisted AeroProfessional’s services to assist in recruiting skilled and experienced Airframe and PowerPlant instructors for their team. The candidates needed to be motivated, knowledgeable, and aligned with KSA Vision 2030, reflecting Saudi Arabia’s commitment to societal vibrancy and citizen empowerment. Leveraging its extensive candidate network, AeroProfessional developed a targeted strategy to identify candidates whose mindset and expertise resonated with this vision. This ensured not only cultural fit, but also the fulfilment of IATC’s role requirements.


AeroProfessional launched a tailored marketing campaign to attract candidates for the Airframe and PowerPlant instructor positions, targeting both its existing candidate pool and external audiences across European markets. The campaign emphasised the position's benefits and included details about the relocation package, particularly appealing to candidates residing outside the Middle East. This approach attracted numerous technically skilled aviation professionals, including many passive candidates who were suitable for IATC’s roles.


At the time, Covid-19 presented ongoing challenges, severely disrupting the aviation industry and complicating the hiring process for both IATC and AeroProfessional. Amid consecutive lockdown limitations, AeroProfessional faced the additional complexity of managing positions requiring candidate relocation. To navigate this significant challenge, AeroProfessional swiftly adapted its processes, transitioning to fully online operations and adhering to social distancing regulations.


Moreover, AeroProfessional navigated any last-minute border closures that might have prevented travelling, impacting the candidates’ start dates and onboarding process. This involved implementing virtual interviews and preparations, remote onboarding procedures, and digital documentation, ensuring continuity in the hiring process despite the unprecedented circumstances. In addition, AeroProfessional supervised the Visa application process, ensuring that all selected candidates had the necessary documents for a smooth relocation to the Middle East.


Despite the challenges posed by Covid-19, AeroProfessional managed to push the recruitment process forward with minimal disruption. With their 15 year experience in the Middle Eastern market, AeroProfessional exceeded IATC’s expectations by overcoming the obstacles of the pandemic, and streamlining the recruitment process by over 50%. With timescales significantly reduced, and candidates seamlessly onboarded, AeroProfessional proved its resilience and expertise in navigating unprecedented circumstances.


In addition to the onboarding process, AeroProfessional also managed the English language certification process and oversaw the visa application requirements on behalf of IATC, ensuring that candidates met all the criteria for their roles. Meanwhile, AeroProfessional met IATC’s hiring objectives by successfully tackling previous issues that the organisation had in their recruitment process, ensuring that the strategy that AeroProfessional deployed was both effective and aligned with IATC's goals for talent acquisition for niche skills such as those of Airframe and Powerplant Instructors.


During the recruitment campaign, AeroProfessional offered HR support to IATC, providing a comprehensive candidate management service and a positive applicant experience, ultimately leading to high hiring rates. Through collaborative efforts with IATC, AeroProfessional achieved a remarkable 78% conversion rate from submissions to interviews, with 70% of candidates ultimately accepting positions in Airframe and Powerplant roles.

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