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Norwegian ramps up their cabin crew recruitment and optimises their HR services with AeroProfessional 

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Norwegian Air Shuttle, most commonly known as Norwegian, is a low-cost carrier that was founded in 1993 in Oslo, Norway. It has come a long way, as it has since become Norway’s largest airline and one of Europe’s most successful low-cost carriers. AeroProfessional is proud to have been a significant part of Norwegian’s growth journey. In 2013, the airline approached the recruitment specialist for hiring and contracting cabin crew in through the bespoke full-service HR solutions that AeroProfessional would create for them. ​



In 2012, Norwegian was planning to expand its operations into a new country where they had little knowledge of the local HR policies and employment laws. Meanwhile, Norwegian wanted to conduct high volume recruitment for cabin crew that would be based there. To ensure the airline’s smooth recruitment process and compliance with local payroll, including social security and tax laws, as well as other employer obligations and best practices, Norwegian decided to outsource its recruitment needs and HR management to a specialist agency that had the expertise to handle all areas. 


AeroProfessional is a recruitment consultancy that offers world-class high-volume aviation recruitment services and HR management solutions to candidates and clients from all over the globe. Years of experience have enabled AeroProfessional to become one of the most trustworthy partners for clients and candidates alike, with a reputation that underscores its reliability and efficiency. 


Norwegian reached out to AeroProfessional in 2012 to discuss its cabin crew recruitment requirements and HR needs. Thanks to AeroProfessional’s extensive aviation recruitment and HR management experience, Norwegian was in good hands and a highly-tailored full-service solution was delivered to them. 


Once Norwegian had communicated their needs and expectations, AeroProfessional started the search and selection process within their large internal candidate network, as well as through external marketing channels. After careful consideration, successful candidates proceeded to a detailed assessment stage, which AeroProfessional designed specifically for cabin crew evaluations and then organised and managed throughout. 


The selection was eventually narrowed down to the best and most suitable candidates who, after AeroProfessional’s rigorous aviation compliant background and security checks, officially became Norwegian’s new cabin crew members.  


Norwegian retained full operational control over its newly recruited cabin crew, with AeroProfessional handling all of their HR related matters. These included onboarding, ongoing employee management, annual leave, employee wellbeing and retention, sickness management, industrial relations and negotiations and more. 


Since partnering with AeroProfessional in 2013, Norwegian experienced a steady growth as it increased its cabin crew members from 50 to over 250. With AeroProfessional’s continual recruitment and HR support, it also managed to expand its operations in their new office in London Gatwick, where AeroProfessional was instrumental in managing airport ID pass applications – an often time-consuming part of the airline recruitment process.  


Norwegian and AeroProfessional’s successful collaboration led them to establish a strong collaborative relationship. The consistent quality and support Norwegian received over the years allowed them to trust their recruitment partner to fully accommodate their needs and deliver desirable results, even at short notice.  

The solution that AeroProfessional created and delivered for Norwegian was truly comprehensive and a great example of how an effective, symbiotic partnership should work. During our 7-year tenure with Norwegian we continually adapted our support role in response to the dynamic market, sometimes pre-emptively. This provided our client with not only a reliable, robust and compliant personnel management service, but the assurance that the employees were well looked after which maximised their productivity. Knowing that their HR was in safe hands left the airline to do what they do best, operate aircraft.

Sam Sprules 
Managing Director at AeroProfessional
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